This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

The Artist
Portrayed by Debby Ryan
Name: Gabrielle Marie Evans
Aliases: Gabby, Gabs, Artie
Birthday: Mar 31, 1922
Position: Ravenclaw, 6th Year
Lineage: Pure-blood

"This Destiny/Fate crap is a pain." ~Gabrielle Evans


Gabby is a relatively attractive, if down played girl. Her hair is in constant flux, and she is usually covered in either graphite or color smears. She's not skinny, with her round face and definitely not athletic, but in the past year has had a growth spurt putting her at 5' 6" that has left her a little awkward. Her hair is constantly changing week by week. Her Aunts try to send her the latest in hair enchantments, so she is always sporting a different color, and has been known to take scissors to it, only to use a tonic to grow it back in a week or so. She has dark brown eyes, and her skin is fair.

She is usually dressed in a basic Hogwarts uniform. The dark grey of her sweater, skirt and socks are slightly mismatched, as if they have all been washed a different number of times. Her Ravenclaw-blue tie has smudges of paint on it, which clashes nicely. Her shoes are dull and old, obviously a hand me down of some kind. She seems just as happy to be alone with her art as she does to have someone sit next to her, and will often be found sketching people without their permission.


Gabrielle's parents died in a house fire when she was three, and she now lives with her mother's two older sisters, Erma and Irene Wilkins, who both try to doit on her to the point of spoilage. It generally means they send her homemade cookies a lot and try to buy her things they can't afford.

Gabby didn't talk until she was five. Some say it's because of her parents' death, a few doctors even said she was "slow." Gabby inherited her mother's wand, and feels it's the one true connection she has left. Gabby believes either from neglect or damage from the fire, the wand's not quite right.The wand seems to “backfire” on Gabby, the greater in power of the spell, the more intense burn she recieves. Gabby would love to repair it, but is afraid if she tells an adult it is malfunctioning, they will make her get a new one (and besides, her aunts can't afford a new wand anyway).

Unfortunately, her wand is not damaged, but cursed. Her mother was involved in some shady dealings, and one turned on her. The fire that took Gabby’s parents was actually started by her mother’s wand. In the confusion, no one notice the curse.It slept till Gabby started using the wand at school. The wand is the only evidence that is left of the murders. And one day, whoever placed the curse will realze this.

Also unknown to Gabby, her father, Thomas, survived the fire, but was injured so badly he became no longer able to use magic. Perhaps it was because of the burns. More likely, it is a mental scar from the trauma of the fire. Either way, Thomas believes he has been permanently rendered magicless. He left Gabby in the care of her aunts, going off to try to find a cure. Some fabled "cures" are more dangerous than others, and eventually one backfired and left him paralyzed. He now resides at St. Mungo's, where his care is steadily eating away at the family savings. He wants nothing to do with Gabby, feeling she's better off without a damaged father.

Gabby does well in all her classes that do not require her to use her wand, and those that do, it's unclear if it's the wand, or her. During her first year, she arrived with a frog as companion, but he disappeared about a month into school. She has never gotten another pet.


Gabby was given a custard colored Puffskien which she's named Sir Nibbler. He's a bit of a charmer.


Gabby's patronus is a phoenix, although she has yet to produce it in front of anyone but a select few.

RP Hooks

-Always willing to draw/paint, especially if it’s a challenge
-Desires to go to a Muggle museum to see art
-Dislikes the library-too many books/tables she could(and has drawn in) .Has gotten into trouble with Uma Patil on several occasions.
-Has developed a sweet tooth… especially for chocolate.
-Gabby's wand issues have spiraled way out of her control. Some are in the knowsome are not.
-Wants to paint famous wizards and witches.


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  • Wealth: Poor
  • Clutz
  • Phobia (Fire)
  • Unlucky
  • Seer



Aunt Irene
Aunt Irene is always trying to get me to do something other than art. It's not that she isn't supportive, she's just worried about my future. Aunt Irene seems to like Conall enough. She's not pushed for me to find anyone better, like she did with Jackson and Ripley.


Thomas Evans
Daddy was a good man, sorted Griffindor.He got me out of the house, and went back fo mother.My aunts won't talk about him at all.I think they blame him for the fire, which is just wrong…I think there's someone else to blame for that.


Jennifer Evans
Mother was sorted Slytherin, just like I should have been. Everything I've ever thought I knew was wrong. She was one of the bravest people I've ever known. The only think certain in my life anymoe, the only goal I know that is unwavering and true, is that I will get her wand back.


Aunt Erma
Aunt Erma is a dreamer… and a planner. She's already planning my wedding. poor Conall.


At first there seemed to be alot of things….off about Laurence, but as a fellow Ravenclaw, he’s been rather suportive.I may need that in the future.


(KNOWS)Dale's Sister-I’ve never seen anyone ….move like that. Like the wind or a snake or…wow. And she makes really good Hot coco too. She's been very kind to me, for no other reason than to be kind.


At first I thought he was a dark wizard, with all his asking about Lucian. then I read his cards. Now I know he's not a dark wizard, but something just as dangerous….and Lucian's half brother….


(KNOWS) I put this man in unintentional danger…and I think he's still going to help me.He's a good man.


I now know fear beyond fire. I thought I did before, but…the Vengals are just that. Fear. Things have gotten even more complicated…if he's telling me the truth, which side should my loyalties lie?


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