This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Gage was killed by a forest troll in the Forbidden Forest.

The Necromancer
Portrayed by Jonathan Brandis
Name: Gage Riley Hart
Aliases: Hurricane Gage, Master Gage, Plum
Birthday: Feb 15, 1924
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Muggle-Born


Gage could easily pass for an older boy, given his height and his frame. He's tall for his age, usually looking over the heads of his year mates as he stands at five feet and nine inches. His frame is solid built, broad shouldered and strong looking, but not very athletic. His complexion is pale, of one who doesn't get very much sun light, but under his dark blue eyes are shadowed circles. Set underneath, his button nose is small, set on a round-ish face with high cheek bones. Running down into his jawlines, his face almost turns oval with his strong set jaw, and his chin is wide and soft. One scar nicks the top of one eye, and another runs along his jaw. A mop of sandy blonde hair flops on top his head, uncombed and scruffy, at least down to the neck in length. Eyeglasses are usually worn over his eyes. He speaks with an Irish accent from Dublin.


Shadow Mist is a grey, short haired cat.


Kara Hart and Jim Elgoras knew nothing of magic. Kara lived in Dublin with her parents, always being rather dependant. Jim lived in Coleraine, but there were occasional times where he ventured into Dublin on business meetings. So it was on one of these meetings where the two of them met. Kara, young and naive, felt attracted to Jim. He would invite her out to dinner every time he was in the area. Things led to a heated romance in Kara's eyes and the next thing she knew she was telling her parents that she was pregnant at eighteen. This caused a fight with her parents and that's when Kara pulled away and worked hard to be more independent. As an added downer Jim was becoming distant after finding out that she was pregnant.

At the birth of her children there were complications, but fortunately she survived that day only to be warned that she should be careful. Her parents and she had patched things up well enough, but she refused a lot of their help. She worked out of the house as a seamstress, and loved taking care of her boys even as it could be quite stressful and sleep-deprived at times. Things started to get difficult to handle when her mother got diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and in the end she collapsed from exhaustion. She never got a chance to set anything up before her disease killed her, never actually realising that she could die.

My life began in Dublin, Ireland, where I was born. My brother, Kyte, was born only a few minutes after me. We lived in a small, rundown house that I thought was perfect. Kyte and I shared a room, and my mom was always around. She worked out of the house so she never had to leave. It was just us, and I liked it that way. We didn't need Jim around, who was supposed to be our father. He didn't give a shit about us or even our mom, so it was better off that he stayed away. I hated when grandma and grandpa came over, because mom would always cry afterwards. They were always so critical and disapproving; I wished that mom would have just thrown them out. She never did and they always came back to make her feel bad some more.

I liked doing things with Kyte, but my mom was my best friend ever. I loved the alone time with her when Kyte was off at school. I was home schooled; I hated being around the other kids at school, always criticising and making me feel unwanted. All I wanted was my mom, and she never forced me to go. I only vaguely remember kindergarten and hating it, and not ever going back, and again in grade three when I promised my mom that I would give it a shot. It was another bad experience and it was always home schooling thereafter.

We could never really afford to have a pet, but I had books on all kinds of animals. I even had books on mythical creatures like dragons and hydras. When I was out, I always stopped to look at the dogs and cats on the street, or other animals in stores. They always seemed to trust me, too. We might not have been able to have an actual pet, but many times I'd bring an animal home with me when they were injured and give them a place out back for them to stay until they were better.

I always hated going to sleep. There was always something terrifying that was difficult to wake up from. What helped a lot was hearing my mom's voice, and when I was fully awake, being close to her. She could always make me feel better. She could melt away all my fears. Even when it came to being high above I felt a little less worried with her there, like I could face anything.

I had no idea that magic really existed. The first time something strange, like magic, happened it was also the worst day ever. Kyte wasn't even around because he was at school. We were seven when it happened. I had left my studies for lunch and was playing a game of what the other was thinking with my mom while she was preparing the meal. We were having a good time; I didn't know there was anything wrong.

Suddenly the sandwich platter fell out of my mom's hand and clattered to the floor, followed by her body. That's the day that I lost her and I was so helpless. Everything was a blur; I just couldn't, didn't want to, believe any of it. I remember using the phone, the house filled with official looking medics, and hearing the words that she was gone. It all happened so fast and I panicked. How could I live without her? That's when I saw something in the shadows that moved. It was black and I could scarcely see through it, all flickering and wavering, like it was a shadow itself, looking as though it was coming forward to snatch my mom away. When I started crying harder and more hysterically than I already was, it disappeared. At the time I didn't realise I had done it, or exactly what I did. I believe now that it could have been an illusion I made due to my grief. No one else really paid much attention to it, and even passed off my fit like I was hallucinating.

I would have preferred to stay with Grandma and Grandpa, but Grandpa was too busy with Grandma, who had Alzheimer's. So Kyte and I were dropped off somewhere much worse. In Coleraine, Ireland, we were supposed to live with Jim, our supposed father. It was completely out of the question; well, if I had a choice. The shit hired a nanny to look after us. It was a big house, and at least it had a library. That's where I spent most of my time. I didn't want any part of this crap and withdrew into my own silent world. The only person I really cared to talk to was Kyte. The terrors when I slept got worse, too.

When you just want to be left alone though, no one will let you be. I hated being forced into a school, and how they forced you to form groups. All the kids who think they're better than you. It felt like I was always the one in trouble. It ended up that none of the schools around us would take me, and that pissed off Jim. When the nanny up and left, he flipped out. The pain from his beating was tolerated though, because there wasn't a damn thing more painful than losing my mom. We got another nanny, this one far stricter, and Jim threatened that if I pulled the same shit he'd make sure Kyte and I were separated. I did get to do schoolwork out of the house though.

I mostly kept to my silence with the occasional remark. Kyte and I were ten when we each received a letter - a letter to a school for witches and wizards - a school to learn magic. I wanted to believe in it. My first thought was of what kind of magic was possible, and if I could bring someone back to life. I was going to this school despite the fact that I'd have to put up with other kids. Jim was thrilled to get rid of us for most of the year. When we went to Diagon Alley, where we purchased our supplies, I got a whole ton of books that were awesome.

First Year

I was scared starting Hogwarts. I wanted to vanish, but I needed to stay, to find away to revive my mom. I wasn't fond of the Sorting Hat, and I liked it even less after it placed Kyte and me apart. He went into Hufflepuff while I was stranded in Ravenclaw - alone. It was uncomfortable, but I stuck it out - for my mom. They had the stupidest class ever, and I refused to take it. No way I was getting on a broomstick and flying. But they did have interesting classes. I loved Transfiguration, but I really want to take Care of Magical Creatures. I spent a lot of time at the barn, making friends with the animals that were there and wanting to visit the forest. I can do what I can to prepare for that class though. Despite everyone else, and all the rules, I wished I could stay at Hogwarts all year round, but as summer approached we had to leave.

Second Year

I wasn't as nervous about going back to school. There was more to learn, more Transfiguration to try, and more books I could get my hands on. But in my second year I did see one of my favourite creatures. The thestrals pulled the sleighs that take you down the driveway to the school. It pissed me off that I couldn't find them around the school though - where the hell do they keep them? Again, everyone was always against me. I just wanted to spend more time with all the creatures.

I think I might actually been able to make a friend though, I think. She hung out with me and didn't make me feel unwanted. I liked having Angel around; I wasn't always alone. Her real name was Arevan Van Dragor, but I don't think she minded my nickname for her. Kyte wasn't always around when I needed him. There was one other who I liked having around - just as long as Eibon wasn't around. I liked how Stars - a nickname I had for Elspeth Rosen - listened to me. And Mission - or Mordero - had the most interesting theories.

I didn't want summer to come, to go back to Jim's. But at least my next year I'll be able to take Care of Magical Creatures.

RP Hooks

  • Emotional
  • Shy and very quiet to the point of seeming rude
  • Socially inept
  • Will stand up to anyone regardless of size/age/rank
  • Commonly breaks rules (the more upset he is, the worse the infraction)
  • Easy for him to take the blame for things he hasn't done because of his reputation
  • He loves animals and is really good with them
  • Deep sleeper
    • Often sleeps in during the morning
    • Usually shows up late to morning classes
    • Plagued with night terrors and often wakes up during the night hours in fear
  • Fear of heights


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Animal Lover
  • Audacious
  • Night Terrors
  • Phobia (Heights)


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Mother (Deceased)
Surname: Hart
She wasn't supposed to die. I miss her so much and really need her. I wish I could find some way to bring her back.


Surname: Elgoras
Hate him. I HATE him. He didn't care about us before, he doesn't care about us now, and he never cared about my mom.


Twin Brother


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