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Lionhearted Researcher
Portrayed by Damian Lewis
Name: Galahad Orion Weasley
Aliases: Gal
Birthday: Jan 14th, 1902
Position: Unspeakable
Lineage: Pure-Blood

Knowledge without courage is sterile.
Baltaser Gracian


The man here is in his mid-thirties. His red-hair which is kept short by choice reflects only a few lighter hairs from his age. He has a strong jaw but it doesn't look out of place given the shape of his face. His eyes are light blue, sitting under thin eyebrows. He is often found wearing his normal wizards robes either for work, or a fairly good impression of muggle attire in a suit, and always with polished shoes.


Galahad was born into a rather large family. It's to say through an odd occurrence being that he has all brothers. While growing up he was close with his brothers, though closer to the older ones than younger. It was noticed that from an early age, he had a need to know how things worked, always asking questions about things. When it was time for him to attend Hogwarts he was sorted into Gryffindor as many of his family had before him. It was an interesting thing and another question to be answered as to why he wasn't a Ravenclaw given his love of knowledge.

It was apparently his bravery seeking answers which caught the eye of the sorting hat. He did well in his studies, not struggling too much. Although he did make friends in and out of his house, he was always a bit of an odd duck researching and doing experiments, attempting to disassemble and reassemble things. He also took an interest on just how and why people become couples.

When he was asked what he would like to do when he was leaving school, he tried to find the perfect job for himself. It was decided he would look into the ministry as a researcher of magical history. He did very well on his NEWTs, and began his job, though it wasn't long before his work ethic and strong attention to detail caught the eye of another department.

Once he had learned Occlumency and passed his other tests he was promoted to Unspeakable. He has been at this secret job now ever since, researching the enigma of Love. And while many know that he works at the ministry, he keeps it rather quiet which department it is in and nobody outside of that department knows the exact sort of work he does.


Eleven inches, apple, slightly springy, with a unicorn hair core.


Enigmatic Watch

A pocket watch. The numerous hands marked with esoteric notations move across a face made out of blued steel. Is it used purely to tell the time, or…?


RP Hooks

  • Unspeakable: Works at the M.o.M. At THAT department. You might have seen him there.
  • Blood-Traitor?: Member of the pure-blooded Weasley family. Perhaps you're related, or think he's a blood traitor for being non-purist.
  • Dabbling historian: Former researcher of magical history. Might know some interesting new details he uncovered during his brief stay in the position.


  • Occlumens: It is generally a bad idea to pry into his mind.
  • Curious: Much of what he does is sparked by his desire to gather knowledge.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do: As an employee at the department of mysteries, his finances can't really go wrong.


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My older brother, an editor and author. We see eye to eye on somethings and not on others. It's the way of life with family.


A younger brother, I will admit I envy him a bit having found a wife and settled down, but still he's my brother and i'll always support him.


My sister in law. Perhaps her rebelliousness charmed Septimus?


The almost forgotten kinsman, returned not quite himself. That bastard who put the imperius curse on him thought it wasn't enough, and proceeded to destroy his mind.


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