This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Found dead in his apartment June 25th 1940, robbery or debt collection gone bad suspected.

The Gambler
Portrayed by Drew Fuller
Name: Galen Aeryn Thatcher
Aliases: Gale
Birthday: Aug 02
Position: Gambler / Thief
Lineage: Squib


Galen is a tall, striking young man that comes up to six feet and an inch. His almost wild features give him a sort of dangerous look, his appearance easily giving the impression that he might be up to no good. His black hair is about ear length, and flops over his head in an unkempt style, often spiked unevenly from dragging his hands through it. A shadow of facial hair covers his oval shaped face, and his green eyes stand out sharply.


Although Brent had found out that he was a wizard, he had never forgotten his best friend back in the Muggle world. As he grew up, finished Hogwarts, the love he had for Jillian was true and pure. He married her and focused on a life with her in the mundane world as a doctor. He never pursued any profession in the magical world, but throughout school focused on learning how to become a healer. Their first son, Mark, was born, and they couldn't be happier. Two years later they had Brandt, and a year later Galen was born. The last was born four years later as a surprise, and much to the displeasure of Galen, the third born. When Mark started to show signs for magical potential, that was the first time Brent at told his wife about the magical world. That's when the marital problems started as Jillian was furious that her husband could keep this from her, but with four kids they stayed together.

Galen was close to Brandt, his brother that was closest to him in age. The two of them were best friends, got into mischief together, played together. When Brandt showed signs of being magical Galen was determined to try to get his own abilities to manifest. They never did, and the things he tried got pretty reckless. He was a wild, uncontrollable kid that made it stressful for his parents. Since Mark went off to Hogwarts, when Brandt, his best friend, turned elven Galen ended up acting out and was suspended from school. He started to doubt he'd have any magical potential when his younger brother started to show signs, and his father's explanation that sometimes that happens didn't help. A rebellious child, teenager, his school work suffered. There was so many times where the school would call with problems.

Galen was sixteen and the year he was on probation at school after the threat of expulsion, when he came home to a curious scene. His parents were sorrowful, his mother couldn't stop crying, and his oldest brother (who had graduated from Hogwarts already) tried to issue Galen out of the room. The news came like a punch to the gut when he heard that his best friend, his favourite brother, had died. Brandt hadn't returned to Hogwarts after his fifth year, and as he worked in Knockturn Alley, involved in things he probably shouldn't have been, he was killed. Galen was expelled from his school then. His father kicked him out of the house because he refused to go back to school. For money he gambled, stole, and basically kept himself entertained. Two years away from home and he had his life the way he wanted it. He slept wherever he pleased, depending on how lucky he was.

RP Hooks

  • With his father and brothers involved in the magical world, he knows about it.
  • With his brother's death he fears the wizarding world.
  • Need someone to gamble with? Just ask.
  • If something of yours went missing, maybe it was stolen by him?


  • Wealth: Destitute
  • Quick-Tempered
  • Rebellious
  • Deep Sleeper


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When the shit started to happen between my father and mother, she stuck around because of us. For that alone, I can't be mad at her.


We no longer speak since he kicked me out.


Three Years Older
He was always so infuriating. Always on my case, nagging me when he thought I was up to no good, telling me I could do better. We never really got along, and we still don't.


Brother (Deceased)
One Year Older
He was my best friend and favourite brother. When he was home we would do everything together, and we'd have fun. I miss him so damn much and hate the world that he was apart for not keeping him safe.


Four Years Younger
I rarely ever talk to him since he's so much younger than me. I don't know what he thinks about anything, or anything going on in his life.


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