Character Information
Portrayed by Joshua Jackson
Name: Garvus Flint the Second (II)
Aliases: Gary
Birthday: June 11th, 1916
Position: Shop Owner, Quality Quidditch Supplies
Lineage: Pure-Blood


His chiseled chin is lost beneath his beard and mustache that are beginning to carry some touches of paler color. An easy smile crosses his lips and a slightly hooked nose is topped by expressive blue eyes. His hair is cut short but often a mess atop his head. He is a man of solid build and middling height, broad shoulders and broad chest. He carries himself with an air of cheerful confidence.

He wears a simple dress shirt of deep blue and over top of it a vest of grey. His pants are to match and the grey of his tie a compliment. A pair of well-worn shoes house his feet.



  • Friendly Purist - While Garvus believes that keeping blood-lines pure is the best thing for the future of their world, he's not out to kill or subjugate those of lesser pure lines. He'll just eventually marry a nice pure-blood girl and raise his children to take pride in their heritage much like he does.
  • Quidditch Lover - Garvus once played for the Chudley Cannons. He was a fanatic of the team before that. He feels that those that show support for the Cannons do so for a love of the sport, not for the love and rush of winning.
  • Wealth: Comfortable - His shop does well enough that he can keep it thriving and live very comfortably himself and make sure his employees are paid enough to see that they live comfortably too.

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch - Now that his father and many members of his family have moved to the continent. It has left Garvus II as patriarch of the Flint Family.
  • Quality Quidditch Supplies - After an injury in Quidditch, Garvus took ownership of Quality Quidditch Supplies on Diagon Alley ib 1938 as serendipitously the owner was going into retirement.


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Wife: Trinity and Garvus were married on October 13th, 1940. It was a very large affair with most of St. Mungos staff, the large Goshawk Family and the Flint Family all in attendance the Wedding happened in the Flint Castle in Wales. Trinity is a good match. Beautiful, intelligent and she comes from a fellow Welsh Pure-Blooded line. She also is a Healer at St. Mungos and his old Quidditch injuries have never felt better.


Father: (b. 1872) Garvus respects his father and his very black and white view of the world. He has long since learned not to discuss politics with his father. Garvus is rather proud that his father left him in charge when he decided to move to the continent. They have never been exactly close, but there is a kinship that comes with being blood.


Penelope Greengrass
Mother: (b. 1888) Garvus got his political views on purity from his mother. His father was much more stringent and harsher when it came to those with lesser purity. Dutifully she went with her husband when he left for the continent.


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