Character Information
Portrayed by James McAvoy
Name: Gavin Keir Ferguson
Aliases: Gav
Birthday: December 23rd, 1912
Position: Army - The Royal Fusiliers
Lineage: Muggle


Gavin is a man, roughly 26 years old, of Scottish heritage with fair skin tone, who stands at 5'7" and is around 154 pounds in an overall surprisingly strapping if compact body type. Top of the ear length darkest brown hair is done in gelled side part sweep framing an oblong shaped face. With close-set slightly heavy lidded blue-gray eyes that are set to either side of his previously broken at some point in the past nose. Below that nose is a thin set of lips. The rest of his an oblong shaped face is accented in high boned cheeks, a strong jaw and comes to a round chin. Gavin smells of faintly of cigarettes. When he speaks the tones and accent of Glasgow, Scotland can be detected.

At the moment Gavin is going for a militaristic style. He is wearing a khaki British Army Uniform Jacket and Shirt above a khaki wool trousers with black leather boots completing the look. On the sleeves of his uniform one that knows their military heraldry would be able to discern that Gavin is a private of The Royal Fusiliers, an infantry regiment of the British Army stationed in London.


Gavin was born in Glasgow, Scotland to the housekeeper and gardener of some Scottish Gentry. His father was killed in World War I, and to escape the proper, claustrophobic proper setting of the estate he fled to the streets of Glasgow. It was a hard and brutal upbringing, but Gavin preferred it because it at least felt like reality to him. Home, however, was always with his mother. He provided for her, but they would always argue about the means in which he'd bring extra money in. Illegal boxing matches, fencing found goods, and so on. At fifteen the household his mother worked for moved to the West End in London. Very grudgingly, Gavin moved with it.

When he was seventeen, he was caught by the Lady of the house stealing from some room that was all covered in linens and hadn't been used in a couple of centuries. He didn't see the harm in pinching something that wouldn't be missed. Besides, he had a new girlfriend that was pretty demanding of nice things. Thankfully, the Lady didn't turn him in. She was one of those rich types that thought education was the key to bettering people. So Gavin was presented a rather easy choice: Cambridge on their dime or prison. Cambridge please! The college was quite the culture shock for the Glasgow boy. He wasn't very popular since he was so very obviously rough around the edges. But like the sea washing and smoothing over sharp glass, the school refined him just enough that his mates in Glasgow would never recognize him in a million years. But it was not enough to truly fit in at Cambridge, either. When he graduated, his mother and he were once again at odds because, much like at the college, when the nice places of London caught his Glasgow accent he was either turned away, or offered some janitorial work. Finally in the East End he found a job tending bar and busing at the The Dog and Bone Pub.

Then there was a great deal of drama when his bird at the time — who was yet another girl of a maintenance level a bit beyond Gavin's means — ended up getting herself "in the way". Funny thing, she and Gavin hadn't gotten around to that yet. But she gave him eyes that melted his heart and so he did what he had to do to help pay a doctor that would help with her predicament. Even Gavin's Cambridge education didn't keep him out of trouble this time, and in 1935 he was once more given an easy choice: prison or the army. Army please! He found himself a private in His Majesty's Army, and actually became a proud member of the Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). It seemed that his mother's Lady was wrong; it wasn't education he needed to shape up, but some serious discipline. Training was harrowing, at first his ability to take orders caused friction with his superiors. Gavin the Glasgow street thug never imagined that he would one day be a proud member of the British Army, eager to prove himself and raise in rank.

RP Hooks

  • Member of the British Army.
  • Unvetted Muggle. Loose lips sink ships…or get the poor guy Obliviated.
  • The Dog and Bone Pub regular. His favorite place to go when on leave.


  • Rough around the Edges
  • Practical
  • Easily Hen-pecked
  • Wealth: Poor


Logs featuring Gavin Logs that refer to Gavin



Ewan Ferguson
Father - Died in World War 1. Afraid that he doesn't really have much in the way of memory or strong feeling about the man.


Moira Ferguson nee MacEwan
Mother - He'd do anything for his Maw, and that's been the source of his trouble since he was little and his father died and he was made man of the house. Since Gavin has settled down with Katie she's been of course wanting a grand-baern near instantly materialized for her to dote on and spoil. It has never occurred to Gavin just how close his mother is with Lady Macdonald.


Wife - Duckie! After a parade he came across this girl with two other fellows hanging on those ginger curls at the duck pond in the Green Park. When he was attacked by Nazi Ducks the struck up a conversation and as she works at his favorite Chippy, their friendship is ever developing. For his Birthday/Christmas get together things got date like and as of March they were steady and as of April she's the proud bearer of a Royal Fusilier's Sweetheart Pin. Her letters really keep him sane. November 5th, 1940 he best remember that day, because it's his and Katie's wedding anniversary now. Gavin almost feels happy there is a war on, because if here wasn't he doesn't think he would have been so lucky as to get a girl like Katie to marry him.


Daniel Hind
Father-In-Law - The only father figure Gavin has ever had in his life really. Daniel is everything he hope his father would have been. When he can cigars are Gavin's usual present to the man when he visits while on leave. Gavin is happy that Daniel looked past the guy that came in after a bender for some fish and chips that was the man's only impression of him before he and Katie became friends. It means a lot to Gavin that Daniel seems to trust him. So he tries his best to stay on Daniel's good side.


Mary Hind
Mother-In-Law - Mary and Maw are two of a kind. When they say, look to a girl's mother to know who you'll be marrying, all Gavin sees is good things. He brings her a bouquet of flowers when he calls on Katie now.


Jack Hind
Brother-In-Law - It pisses Gavin off after seeing so many gobshites come through the base that a lad that would be a fine soldier will never get a chance because he is deaf. Jack has become a little brother to Gavin. So help anyone should they mock or bully Jack. Gavin brings presents in the way of books that are educational towards the soldiering life. How to clean and assemble a gun and rifle, marksmanship instructional, some books on self defense, stories about young men in adventures and Great War stories.


"Dump" Lance Corporal Justin Dumpleton
Brother-at-Arms - Dump might be Gavin's best mate of all of his brothers. His father lost his hearing in the Great War. So when Gavin told him about Jack, Dump really took to the story and has really gone out of his way to befriend Jack and make him feel like one of the boys.


Major - Nothing like a good bar brawl to create long lasting mates. Some Fly-Boys started a fight with Gavin over his date it would have been one against many but the posh Major stood at Gavins back and together they gave the pilots what for! The Major is in supply and support so Gavin can't lie, it's nice having a man with Simon's connections at his elbow when the need arises. Even going so far as to loan Gavin his car with a tank full of petrol occasionally when Gavin needs it. (To impress a girl.)


"Hutch" Private James Hutcherson
Former Bunkmate - No matter how many times Gavin has asked and full out stabbed the bottom of Hutch's foot, the numpty continues to swing his stinking feet down over the edge of the bed and into Gavin's space. Hutch is particularly jealous of Katie. He's gone to far as to steal one of Gavin's letters while he was reading it to put on a high pitched imitation of Katie to read it out loud. He's behaved himself better since Gavin wallap'd him for it. It's scary that he actually misses Hutch now that he's been shipped off to the front.


What did he just say?

Gavin was raised on the streets of Glasgow, while Cambridge saw to it that he spoke the King's English well, there are certain times when his Glasweigan upbringing is too strong and he speaks in the city of his birth's slang. ((Light NSFW warning.))


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