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Decidedly Trouble
Portrayed by Bridgit Mendler
Name: Genevieve Theodora Solomon
Aliases: Jenny, Trouble
Birthday: Feb 21, 1922
Position: Student: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


This teenage girl is about five and a half feet tall and medium build. Long, brown hair frames her face, the locks often flowing free with but a little curl. Smooth skin and softened features, her face is while not glamorous definitely just above pretty. Brown eyes are neither too small nor overly large beneath dark, often full of emotion beneath neatly defined arching brows. Her nose is prominent without being big, her cheekbones high, slender and tapered in the way of aristocracy and her mouth is neither full nor 'pert', but certainly prone to smiles.

At the moment Genevieve is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the green and silver coloring she must have sorted into House Slytherin. A grey vest edged in green and silver covers a crisp white Oxford shirt that compliments her figure with its tapered sides, buttoned from the belt-line that hugs that small waist, though she's about two buttons short of the collar. It's accented with a green tie with narrow silver stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching grey pleated skirt. Leaving at least a small expanse of bare skin on display before those stockings start, just blow the knees and black shoes are worn on her feet. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Slytherin Green fabric, unadorned except for a silver snake slithering over a green background with a silver chevron sewn over the heart.

Her scarf, sometimes used as a scarf, sometimes used as a bind for her hair knotted against the back of her neck is usually in her pocket if it can't be seen, along with her gloves; though she's prone to carrying two pairs. One proper, complete with fingers and the other without; particularly if she's on quidditch field.


Genevieve is the daughter of Angelo Solomon and Theodora Slughorn. Angelo, much like his sister Angeline, has a passion for magical creatures. Quiet and competent, he works with his sister Angeline in the Ministry of Magic, in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Angelo’s friendly and comfortably outgoing nature is very often overshadowed by his vivacious wife, however. Theodora (Teddy) is a bright and outgoing woman, athletic and competitive. Leaving Hogwarts, she became a Chaser for the Appleby Arrows. And when she retired as a player she stayed on as one of the team’s coaching staff. The family lives in a town house in a well-to-do suburb of London, within walking distance of Diagon Alley.

Genevieve, or Jenny as everyone calls her, essentially grew up in a Quidditch household. At a young age, mom was always having members of the Arrows over. For all intents and purposes, Jenny became the team’s unofficial mascot at an early age. As a child, Jenny wanted for very little. Between mum’s adopted Quidditch family and dad bringing home unusual critters, the girl was always doted upon as well. In some households, she might even be called ‘spoiled’. During the team’s many after-game parties, Jenny learned to become a competent bartender.

With two pure-blood parents there was little doubt that Jenny would be a witch herself. Upon her arrival at Hogwarts, she wasn’t exactly sure which house she would be sorted into, however. Her competitive and outgoing mum was in Slytherin, while her quiet and affable dad was in Hufflepuff. Perhaps a sign of things to come, Jenny joined the ranks of Slytherin.

Spending a relatively quiet first year, Jenny wasn’t the sort of student to shine in any particular subject. In her second year, however, she made the Quidditch team as a Chaser, following in her mum’s footsteps. Being on the Quidditch team really got Jenny to open up, and she found herself making new friends in Slytherin. By her third year, she really came out of her shell. Pretty and playful off the pitch, she developed the reputation of an aggressive scrapper during the game. And she wasn’t at all above batting her lashes or smiling at an opponent to throw them off their game.

In her later years at Hogwart’s, Jenny started actually dating boys and she would look for any excuse to party, which may explain why the mouse that'd entered first year with innocent eyes and ruddy hair has become something of a character in her own right. While the school had strict social policies, there were always school breaks. And there was Hogsmeade as well. All in all Jenny wasn’t exactly a troublemaker, but she did lose Slytherin some House points on a fairly regular basis. Going into her sixth year, Jenny is starting to consider life after Hogwarts for the first time. And by the time she'd made it to her seventh, despite the wagers that she wouldn't and the end was coming, she survived. Having finally, hopefully, maybe, grown into herself.


13 & 1/2 Inches inches, cypress, unyeilding, with a dragon heartstring core.



Mister Mephistopheles, for whom Jenny has a softspot. Unfortunately the ugly beast has a terrible temper.


RP Hooks

  • Career Path - Quidditch Professional
    • Regardless of the NEWT's she's taking and some of which she's struggling, Jenny's intentions, hilariously, are to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Play Quidditch and make a name for herself in the circuit, whether she does that by finishing school with full NEWTs or simply wiggling in through an open try out is an entirely different story.
  • Everything Else Quidditch
    • Appleby Arrows, Jenny's mum was Chaser until she retired. Now she's an assistant coach. Jenny pretty much grew up around the Arrows. Are you one?
    • Jenny's a Seeker on the Slytherin Quidditch team as of her sixth year, previously having been a chaser since her second year.
    • Random trivia? Heated debates? Perfect way to distract her and kill time.
  • Purist Issues
    • Leaving sixth year, Jenny had appeared slightly undecided, but with the summer before seventh year stretching in front of her, she finally came down off the fence and settled firmly on a side.
  • Lower Classmen
    • Need an older buddy to slip you candy or occasionally help out when she's the time? A flying tutor? The girl has a something of an endearment for them. As long as it doesn't interrupt her own current plans.
  • Animal Lover
    • Very much. Ask her about owl's sometime, if you want a lecture or just the treatment of some familiars in general. Though given what her father does for a living, this shouldn't surprise anyone.


  • Carouser
    • If there's a party somewhere, chances are Jenny's going to find a way to crash it, after all, life is for the living or those similarly movement impaired! But she also simply has a zest for life that's hard to restrain. Why should one settle, be contained and limited when they can live. Hopefully, with no regrets.
  • Loyalty to Family
    • Family is a such a narrow word. It isn't just blood, it's those with whom one feels a kinship, a connection, the kind of bond that's worth fighting for. The kind that you get to choose for yourself.
  • Spoiled
    • Jenny is spoiled, part of it comes from a doting family in a loving marriage, where boundaries aren't hard and fast and lines can be crossed. Some of it comes from being headstrong and thinking occasionally, that her way is best. But she's also prone to admitting when she's wrong.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
    • Just a smidge, okay, slightly more than a smidge. Some of it by way of inheritance on her mothers side and some, simply from the combined efforts of career wielding parents.


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An excellent beater and a worthwhile friend, the two have known each other for an age an more.


There's a world of history wrapped up there, of pain and love. Promise to, I think. I'm patient. You were always good enough.


What is there to be said? Nothing. I hope one day you find peace with it all.


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