Character Information
Portrayed by Luke Benward
Name: Gerald Cornfoot
Aliases: Ger, Gerry
Birthday: Jun 24
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Pure-blood


Gerald Cornfoot, son of Megan nee Merrythought and Timothy Cornfoot, little brother of Beatrice was born on June 24th 1922. His parents met at Hogwarts. Megan was a Gryffindor and Timothy was a Ravenclaw, but they both shared a dream of becoming Curse Breakers for Gringotts so they grew close through their shared classes and training. Gerald's big sister, Beatrice was born in 1920 and even though Gerald was the baby brother, he always protected his sister and acted like he was the big brother. Together the family traveled a great deal as Megan and Timothy brought their kids with them on the job.

Of course the kids would remain in camp during the more dangerous times in artifact hunting. But it was in these times that Gerald was able to really delve into the culture they were visiting. He met so many interesting people and over the course of his childhood beyond the 'home' schooling he learned foreign languages, how to defend himself, how to read maps, the grand lay out of the world and some herbal healing techniques. Their home base through it all is their house in Colchester, England.

Hogwarts was a bit of an adjustment for both Beatrice and Gerald, but they made it through together. Beatrice was sorted into House Ravenclaw, while Gerald became a Gryffindor. The protectiveness over his sister only grew even though she was two years ahead. His protective streak also sort of spread out and extended to his friends and good acquaintances. Gerald quickly found that it was something he was even more passionate about than travel, protecting people. After a talk with Dumbledore about his future they both agreed that something in the Magical Law Enforcement Department was a good life path for Gerald. In that decision after OWLs Gerald dropped Care of Magical Creatures and Divination class and began his NEWT courses in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration and Charms. Which will go towards any promotion into the Auror Office if life takes him that way. Dueling Club was another thing that he found that he excelled in and enjoyed.

He is deeply loyal to his friends, and would do most anything for them. Because of his world experiences Gerald believes that he is better then most his age, and enjoys being the center of attention. Though he manages to not be outwardly arrogant and egotistical. He also enjoys acting and playing wizard's chess. Gerald feels like he is a protector of the weak, and will usually be found in the middle of a fight, usually on the behalf of someone else.

RP Hooks

  • Well Traveled: Gerald loves to talk about different places he's visited with his family.
  • Bully Problems: Gerald will almost always step in to help somebody.
  • Future Plans: Gerald's on the path to becoming a Hit Wizard.
  • On the Fence: He's neither a purist nor preaching equality. Can you sway him?


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Loyal
  • Nosy
  • Well Traveled
  • Protective



Ten inches, solid English oak with a unicorn hair core.



Gerald's kitten Hexicus is a small (read teeny) black furball full of deep emotional problems. He spits, sputters and hisses at most (Though Elizabeth seems to have some weird bond with him). When he's not being mean, he's pissin in Douglas's shoes.


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