Gibbon Family

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The Gibbon Family
Family Head: Didimus Gibbon
Home: Mysticked District, London, England, United Kingdom
Wealth: Comfortable
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Gibbon family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

The Gibbon Family have long been a member of the "Sacred Twenty-Eight" though the family has fallen from the high ranks it once held within the Pure-Blooded Families due to low birth rate, and so many dying when young and without families of their own. At one point, there are those that might have whispered the family was cursed, but this was found to be untrue.

Family fortunes were first made in investments, both within the wizarding world, and the muggle. However, over the last several decades those investments haven't paid as well as they should, leaving the family falling lower than it has ever been in the wealth department. They have a home in the East Horizont Alley area, though it is not as grand as it once was.

Thankfully, one investment made by Didimus' grandfather, was on a small shop, The Magical Menagerie. With a few side trades with the Bulstrode Family in the way of creatures gathered from other countries to be offered in England, the Gibbons have been able to stave off total poverty and make it one of the premier pet shops in the area. They might be known to have even those hard-to-find animals that may be trending among the younger set.

Family Identity


Family Members

Family members bearing the Gibbon name:

Atalanta Didimus Emily Hellebore

Blood relatives without the Gibbon name:

Mikhale Pete Thomas

Connections and Relationships

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Family Statistics

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Lands: #
Law: #
Population: #
Power: #
Wealth: #
Founding: ####
Historical Events = #

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