Gilbert Sullivan - Scholar Thespian
Portrayed by John Malkovich
Name: Gilbert Sullivan
Aliases: Gil; Sullivan; Sully; Not those other guys!
Birthday: Aug 02, 1901
Position: Author & Actor
Lineage: Half-blood


Standing at about 5' 10" Gilbert is the epitome of non-descript. He's not too tall, not too short; not fat, but neither extremely skinny. His long, narrow face, topped by a bald scalp, sports a longish nose with a wide bridge and eyes that are starting to show his age with marked crow's feet at the corners and slight bags underneath.


Gilbert Sullivan, born to Carl Sullivan and Therese Urquart on August 2, 1901, is an actor in the Muggle world and a scholar specializing in Muggle Studies. Over the past 18 years Mr. Sullivan has written 5 books including "The Development of Muggle Technology of the Ages", "Muggles and the Arts", "The Growth and Development of Muggle Society", and "Muggles and Wizards: A Conflict for the Ages".

According to Mr. Sullivan his interest in Muggle Studies was started at an early age since he was forced to grow up in Oxford. His mother Therese had defied her Pure-blood parents to elope with Mr. Sullivan's father since her family objected to her relationship with a Muggle man so Gilbert's only contact with the Wizarding world was his mother, and during their infrequent visits, his aunts and uncles until he received his invitation to Hogwarts. Given his father's employment as a Professor of History at Oxford University it is only natural that Gilbert's inclination at Hogwarts was towards the academic side of things. His grades where always excellent, as long as the examinations did not involve any practical applications of magic. As soon as theory turned to practice Mr. Sullivan struggled to keep up with his peers, at times being teased for his lack of ability with magic, even though in reality his abilities are well within the average, if a bit on the weak side.


This weakness in practical magic and his fascination with Muggle Studies made him less than popular outside of Hufflepuff, mostly because he spent so much time studying and practicing. GIven that he spent so little time trying to make friends it was no real sacrifice to return to Oxford upon his graduation in 1919. After a few months of hard research at the expense of his parents Mr. Sullivan decided that there had to be a better way to integrate himself into Muggle society in a way that would allow him to be exposed to large segments of the population. Once he had given this some thought he decided that becoming an actor would provide him the opportunity to meet many people from all walks of life as well as travel the world. A substantial amount of natural ability, undiscovered until he decided to infiltrate the Muggle world in this way, and a lot of hard work saw him become a well sought-after character actor, providing him with a small amount of fame within Muggle society and the opportunities for hands-on research he had been hoping for. The fact that acting also paid enough to comfortably live on and time to write between acting engagements were unexpected bonuses.

Recently Mr. Sullivan has returned to London after extended engagements in Spain and France. After spending some almost a year out of the public eye Mr. Sullivan released his newest book, titled 'The Joys and Pains of Integration: An examination of the difficulties of Muggle born wizards integrating into Wizarding Society and Squibs integrating into Muggle Society', on January 6, 1939. In it Mr. Sullivan does justice to his title by examining the personal and political ramification of integration, using and frequently quoting interviews with people that have gone through the experience, to create a picture of what life is like for most Muggle-born wizards and their Squibb counterparts. Although academic in nature the book could become controversial in the political climate of the time considering some could say Mr. Sullivan may have been using this book to highlight cases of discrimination and abuse, which would be useful as part of a campaign to maintain the Statute of Secrecy.


Rigid, 11 inches, Elm wand with a Phoenix feather core.


Gilbert has recently purchased two ferrets,Mr. Muggles and Hermes.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Blunt
  • Famous: Muggle Studies Scholar/Actor

RP Hooks

  • Interested in Muggle theater? Mr. Sullivan is a moderately well know actor within the Muggle world, specializing as a character actor for Shakespearean productions.
  • Within the Wizarding world Mr. Sullivan is a well-known, well-respected Muggles Studies scholar.
  • Mr. Sullivan is also one of the founders and leaders of the Preservation Society. As such he is an outspoken advocate for the continuation of the Statute of Secrecy and for Muggle-born rights.


#3 Finsbury, London



Gilbert's Journal Entries Others' Journal Entries About Gilbert



Charming, intelligent, beautiful, and a bit of a spitfire. I find myself utterly enchanted by her but she also has the potential of creating more drama than any I have seen on the stage. Will she really be worth it?She was worth it but sadly my work forced us apart.


I met Mr. Carmichael by chance when I stopped for a bit at his establishment. He seems to be a genius in the kitchen but his people skills are… lacking. The last couple of times I have seen him he has not only looked different but was also acting differently. Maybe there are change happening for him.


My little cousin and the only other person in the family that has tried out life on the boards. Too bad she is completely lacking in any magical skill but she does have a strong work ethic. She is definitely worth my help and attention.


I have seen seen her perform before and her potential merits more than just the small venues she has worked at in the past. A chance encounter at Rosie's Cafe has led to a partnership working on one of my small side project that will hopefully give her some exposure and trigger an ambition for more in her.


I am not sure if he is unwisely ambitious or just simply unwise. He does have enough charisma and intelligence to make me worry he might ultimately convince our government to make some rash and dangerous choices, especially in the current world political climate. And I definitely do not believe his motivations to be as altruistic as he like to portray them.


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