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Character Information
Portrayed by Colm Meaney
Name: Grady Callaghan
Aliases: -
Birthday: March 21, 1884
Position: Deputy Magistrate of London
Lineage: Half-blood


A man of years, his stout figure is one built from years of experience. His gaze has grown smaller and his full face has become dominated by wrinkles mostly at his forehead and corners of his eyes. His thin mouth is set around by stubble that carries along his jaw and to the trimmed side burns of his hair which is still a pale brown. There are few grey hairs beginning to show but that is only for wisdom.

A tweed jacket is worn over a crisp navy dress shirt. His tie is the only loud part of him, save for his demeanor. It is in a plaid of beige and blues. The vest beneath is a sweater done in a cabled knit. A pair of trousers in dark blue end in a simple pair of brown saddle shoes.


Grady Callaghan was born in Dublin, Ireland to Colm and Maggie Callaghan. His family was far from wealthy, largely due to his father's gambling debts. During Grady's time at Hogwarts, Colm's debtors caught up with him and tried to threaten Maggie. Things went badly, and Colm accidentally killed the Muggle men to protect his wife. This led to Colm's incarceration in Azkaban. As it was an accident, his sentence was a scant five years…but that was more than long enough to have a lasting effect on Colm's mind.

Grady had to become the man of the family, though Maggie insisted that he continue his education. He found himself drawn to law enforcement, in part as a means of distancing himself from his father's legacy. He joined the Magical Law Enforcement Squad, and became known as a tough-as-nails Hit Wizard. But despite being rough around the edges, Grady lived by a code, and never allowed himself to cross over into corruption.

In time, Grady's ethics and dedication to justice paid off, and he was made Deputy Magistrate of London. He might have had a chance at the Magistrate position itself, but he has found that he is satisfied in his role, serving as the strong right arm of the Magistrate.

RP Hooks

  • Deputy Magistrate of London: Grady is the right arm of the London Magistrate, and is empowered to serve in capacity as Magistrate in an emergency.
    • The Magistrate may use Grady as an NPC as appropriate.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Code of Honour
  • Temperamental


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The new boss. Grady knows his place, and will do his job. But respect is earned, not given. It remains to be seen if Magistrate Urquart will meet Grady's standards.


Brian Galloway
The previous London Magistrate. Grady served with Galloway for eight years, and the two men still meet for drinks.


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