This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Grayson and Roe marry and head off to France and from there who knows, chasing after dragons and other creatures.

character information
Portrayed by Tom Hardy
Name: Grayson Loring
Aliases: -
Birthday: June 3rd, 1908
Position: RCMC- Dragonologist
Lineage: Muggle-Born


Barely five foot nine, this man stands with the coiled confidence of a soldier. Lean through the waist, he possesses heavily-muscled shoulders and arms. Surprisingly deft hands, the fingers long and elegant, seem incongruous on his brawler's form. Rusty blond hair has been oiled and parted perfectly, to the right, and his angular jawline is unmarred by any sign of stubble. Thick, cupid-shaped lips are perhaps a touch overlarge for his narrow face. A pale scar splits his upper lip, twisting the corner of it into a constant smile. Hazel eyes glitter with intelligence, but there is little kindness in their gaze. Instead, the man radiates a intensity and, perhaps, a touch of arrogance. The fleeting glimpse of a twisting burn scar disappears from view down the side of his neck.


Grayson Loring is a Muggle-born, born on June 3rd, 1908 in Yorkshire. His family, minor landed nobility, was deeply shaken by the odd manifestations of his magic as a child. His mother, Amelia, suffered a nervous breakdown, though she tried her best to love her odd son. Peter, his father, was distantly kind, though he was rarely home. He served in India, in the Army, but declined to take his family with him. Grayson was, largely, raised by his father's old batman, a rather tough character named Elliot Winsham. Winsham imbued him with a love of animals from a young age, teaching him bird-watching in particular.

Recruited into Hogwarts in the year 1918, Grayson was Sorted into Gryffindor. It became quickly clear that he had an aptitude for both Dark Defense and, more particularly, Care of Magical Creatures, and these became his electives, along with herbology. He kept his head down while in school, avoiding sports, unwilling to risk ridicule as a Muggle-born. But he did stay all seven years, taking NEWTs in Charms, Dark Defense, and Care of Magical Creatures and graduating in 1925.

From Hogwarts, he took a position in the Ministry of Magic's RCMC as a Dragonologist, and has spent much of the last 14 years traveling the world. He spent quite a bit of time in China, accumulating information for a text on Dragon hybrids and, more and more often, fighting off Japanese poachers. In fact, he was forced to finally evacuate as the Muggle war grew too chaotic, and has returned to England. Grayson is a prideful man, wary of insult, perfectly at home in tea-rooms or sleeping rough. The few people he does befriend are friends for life; there is surprising empathy beneath his hard shell, a shield he has been forced to maintain. His happiest hours are spent with animals, particularly anything with wings, a reminder of his childhood. He deeply resents Grindelwald and the Unity Movement, fearing slavery by another name.

RP Hooks

  • Nature Enthusiast: Love magical creatures? Grayson is absolutely besotted with them, particularly dragons. He might even let you stand him a drink as he tells you about Chinese Fireballs!
  • Mudblood (And Proud Of It): Hate Muggles and the Muggle-born? Feel that they need to be protected? Whatever your stance, Grayson has strong views — and he's not shy about sharing them. Politics are a necessity when you're on the losing side.


  • Proud As A Cat
  • Adrenaline Addict
  • Well-Traveled
  • Incurably Curious
  • Cleans Up Well
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do


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Peter Loring
Father: (1878) Muggle. Grayson Loring has a rather distant relationship with his father. Peter spent much of Grayson's childhood in India, serving in His Majesty's Royal Army. The two are quite polite, but really, Grayson has very little filial piety.


Amelia Loring nee Smythe
Mother: (1884) Muggle. Grayson caused his delicate mother no end of grief as a child, and she ended up institutionalized for some time after witnessing one of his childhood manifestations of magic. The Ministry of Magic has sent specialists, but she remains fragile. Grayson avoids her out of guilt.


The New Partner Rowena Scamander. Quite a young lady, really. Beautiful, intelligent. A bit klutzy, of course, but so English. After years in a war zone, it's rather nice to be in the presence of someone this soothing. Just… maybe buy her some sensible shoes.

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