Character Information
Portrayed by Mark Pellegrino
Name: Greg Riggs
Aliases: -
Birthday: April 9th, 1912
Position: British Royal Navy
Leading Seaman
NB Marie
Lineage: Muggle


Tall and thickly-built, this man bears himself with the slightly-splayed stance of either a sailor or a horseman. Heavy cords of muscle are evident at his bronze-burnt neck and run down into his chest and shoulders. He has the fair skin of an Englishman, but its constantly-reddened complexion implies a great deal of time spent in the sun. Wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and mouth, in an otherwise youthful face, imply that he has been exposed to many other elements as well. His pale blond hair is cut short, military-fashion, and parted to the right. An untameable wave to the hair offsets his obviously-rigid grooming standards. He is so closely-shaven that his pale stubble is nearly invisible. He has lively blue eyes, set beneath permanently-arched brows of a pale auburn.
He is dressed in a Naval uniform - loose blue trousers and a tunic worn over a blue-and-white striped undershirt, with a paler blue-and-white striped collar resembling the traditional handkerchief of bygone eras. His distinctive, white, flat-brimmed cap has a ribbon running down from its ear, with the name of his ship embroidered upon it. His shoes are so well-polished as to be useful as mirrors.


Greg Riggs was born in Liverpool to a hard-scrabble, working-class, and entirely un-magical family. Or so she thought. In truth, her mother Clara was a squib who'd fled the prejudices of the magical world and chosen to "pass" as a Muggle. She married a good-hearted dockworker named John Riggs and settled down to raise a family who she assumed would lack for magic of any sort. Until her daughter began exhibiting the funny, pre-conscious spell-casting tendencies all such children do. Bobbie was the middle of three children (and the only girl), and her older brother's eleventh birthday had come and gone without a Hogwart's letter. Mrs. Riggs couldn't stand the idea of building her daughter's hopes up only to have them shattered. But then the letter came, and Clara had a lot of explaining to do.

RP Hooks

  • London Defender: Greg is a member of the 22 Commando Brigade based at Hyde Park aka Knightsbridge Barracks, London. It is a mixed branch unit which consists of Army, Air Force, Calvary (and Tanks), Navy and Marines. Their duty and prime mission is to work together to protect and defend London.
  • Unvetted Muggle: Loose lips sink ships…or get the poor guy Obliviated. Greg is more than an unvetted Muggle. He outright lost his privileges for revealing the existence to his Muggle Girlfriend and they both were obliviated.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Unvetted Muggle
  • Loose Lips


Logs featuring Greg Logs that refer to Greg



Robert Riggs
Father: (BirthYEAR - ?) Muggle. Robert was kept in the dark by his Squib wife that magic existed. He's a kind-hearted man and a hard worker down at the Liverpool Docks. He grew angry at the secrets that were kept from him, but over the years he's gotten over it and is proud of the woman and witch Bobbie has become. The fact that Greg betrayed their family by revealing to his girlfriend that magic exists has created a strange change in Robert and Greg's relationship. Greg just can't for the life of him remember when and why the tension occurred.


Clara Riggs, née Yaxley
Mother: (BirthYEAR - ?) Squib. A squib from a dwindling Pure-Blooded offshoot of the Yaxley clan, she was quietly shuffled out of her family at the age of eleven and adopted by a Muggle family in Liverpool. She kept the Magical World a secret from everyone, until she had to explain to Bobbie and the rest of the family why her daughter received a letter of invitation to Hogwarts.


Little Sister: (b. September 24th, 1914) Muggle-Born.


Little Brother: (b. ) Muggle.


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