Character Information
Portrayed by Cate Blanchett
Name: Gretchen Lockhart
Aliases: -
Birthday: February 29th, 1912
Position: Croupier at Bordel Fantastique
Lineage: Half-blood


Tall, willowy and touched. Prominent cheekbones gives a handsome quality to her beauty, each touched by a rosy strawberry blush. Tousles of golden hair, seem to arrange chaotically at times about her bonnet as if something akin to a breeze were brushing through it. Sky blue eyes squished by her cheeks into crescent moons, her gaze capable of penetrating looks or equally intense distance. Her skin has a healthy gleam that borders on radiant with a clear complexion. Her mouth plump yet thinned by its width, trout lipped and prone to pouting. Her body shows no sign of physical conditioning, slender graceful movements show a practiced conduction of the body.


Gretchen Lockhart was an illegitimate child conceived out of wedlock. Her father was Perseus Lovegood, a young inventor doing a spot of travelling. Her mother was Samantha Lockhart a simple young muggle woman. Perseus had no idea that he had gotten the girl pregnant. The Samantha was encouraged to give the child up for adoption, however on the leapday of the year 1912 when Gretchen came into this world Samantha refused to give Gretchen away. Her parents insisted that Gretchen was brought up as their own in the eyes of the public to avoid scandal of the girl being born out of wedlock and the stigma of Samantha being a single mother. She was a day dreamer, often fascinated by things that others weren't. Misunderstood by her family, thought to be retarded by them until she was accepted into Hogwarts. The small bits of magic she made happen, were mistakenly explained away by those about her. She always had a knack for predicting things that nobody should know about, revealing secrets to people in the family and causing the odd bit of trouble.


In 1923 Gretchen got a letter informing her and her parents of her invitation to go to Hogwarts. She had developed an aloof and introspective personality, even at the age of eleven she was distant and absurd to her family. She was sorted into Ravenclaw. Gretchen was bullied for her vapid distant-minded qualities. She had no luck in love, though some found her interesting in a peculiar fashion. Despite being quite intelligent, her studies suffered from her odd application of herself to her work. She’d prefer her own company and to stare at the world in wonder than be involved in activities with others.

Gretchen graduated with two NEWTs in 1930, her mother had settled down with a muggle husband and begun a new family. Gretchen drifted naturally into the wizard community after finishing at Hogwarts, she had a gift for divination and allowed it to guide her day to day. She took various jobs and worked all over the place, settled now where she rents an attic space of a home down Abnorm Alley. She spends almost all of the money she makes on books and equipment, she tinkers and reads about magical theory whilst experimenting with magic. She gives divination readings for wizards and witches as a hobby, working on her theory of the spirit of inanimate objects and the weather. Her most recent place of employment is the Bordel Fantastique down Whimzick Alley, where she works as a croupier at the card tables and attendant in the classy brothel.

RP Hooks


Thirteen and three quarters inches, larch, springy, with a augurey feather core.



Ironically named Chatterbox, Gretchen's old mute pet cat.

  • Fortune Teller: Want your fortune read? A few coins in her pocket and some food in her belly and she'll reveal a secret or two about yourself to yourself.
  • Weather Odd-ball: Fascinated by the weather, she reads about it and is interested in magic that affects it.
  • Playing the odds: Do you gamble? Play cards? Gretchen does and in some ways she is too familiar with cards for the game to be fair.
  • In debt: Does Gretchen owe you what she can't pay back? These things sometimes slip her mind.
  • Absurdity collector: If it doesn't make sense, Gretchen might want it. Part of her ongoing project of understanding the peculiarities of the universe. She's something of an amateur mystery researcher.


Graceful Poised as someone savouring and unfolding every moment, as if unwrapping a present.
Precarious For all that Divination is worth, nothing is permanent or secure. Sometimes this seems fickle as Gretchen navigates the will of the universe.
Absentminded Hm?
Masochist For someone so bright, it is a wonder why she makes her life so difficult for herself at times.
Wealth: Poor Gretchen has a poor relationship with money, spending more than she earns. Leaving herself sometimes unable to provide for herself or indebted to people she's borrowed from.

Character Diamond


A character diamond represents the core, unchangeable traits of a character.

  • Perspicacious: Gretchen’s spacious soul affords her deep introspective contemplation of everything and nothing, often resulting in keen insightful revelations and unorthodox yet apt understandings of things.
  • Docile: She has a willingness towards her own susceptibility, a self sabotaging submissiveness that borders on selfless recklessness at times.
  • Clandestine: Gretchen can’t help but be secretive, there is a charm in the enigma but it also affords her deceitful or amoral behaviour at times.
  • Otherworldly: Ever since she was a child, she has been imagining worlds of fantasy and adventure. As she’s grown older, the worlds have simply grown more complex and harder to distinguish as fiction. She’s divinely guided.

School Performance

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A A A E E
Charms A E A A E E E
Defence Against the Dark Arts P A P A A
Herbology A P A A A
History of Magic A P A P A
Potions A P A A E
Transfiguration A E E E E
Flying A
Study of Ancient Runes P P P
Divination A A E E O


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Perseus Lovegood
Biological Father: (1894) Pure-blood. Gretchen has met her biological father, told him of her existence and believes that he knows her as kin. They are taking it slow, neither of them in any rush to make more of their relationship than it already is.


Samantha Lockhart
Mother: (1896) Muggle. Their relationship is distant since Gretchen graduated and Samantha has started a second family.


Younger Half Brother: (1924) Half-blood. They've yet to meet, but she knows about him and is curious to meet him.


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