Character Information
Portrayed by Kelly Macdonald
Name: Helena Ravenclaw
Aliases: The Grey Lady
Birthday: <Character's Birthday>
Position: Ravenclaw House Ghost
Lineage: Ghost


Quiet. Pensive. Beautiful. These are all words that can be used to describe the Grey Lady, Ravenclaw's house ghost. She is tall and slender, with dark wavy hair and dark eyes and a face that would be expressive were it not for the gentle reserve that most often schools her features. She wears a pale grey surcoat with dropped sleeves, laced closed over a silvery chemise with faded floral embroidery.


Daughter of one of Hogwarts's founders, Rowena Ravenclaw nee Bletchley, Helena was part of the first generation of students. She was sorted into her mother's House, Ravenclaw, as many expected. She was extremely competitive in scholastic pursuits and it was not exactly a huge secret that she did not enjoy being under the long shadow of her mother in nearly everything she did. Doing many things to rebel against her mother, such as for a moment allowing her mother to think she had a rather 'bad boy' Slytherin as a suitor. Unfortunately this rouse not only worked on Rowena, it worked on the Slytherin young man and he became rather obsessed on Helena, not realizing the Ravenclaw young lady was only momentarily using him to upset her mother. Really Helena had not realized that one or two flirty smiles had lead the boy on so greatly. This went unnoticed mostly because her focus was on her schoolwork, she had every intent in outshining even her mother. She took three electives: The Study of Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Muggle Studies and Divination and then she took six NEWTs in Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, History of Magic, and Divination. Perhaps she spread herself too thin as she only did Average in all of her NEWTS and by the time she graduated she was even more resentful of her mother than ever.

After a spat between mother and daughter about Helena's future Helena stole her mother's most precious possession, her Diadem and ran away with aim to use the Diadem to finally prove herself more clever than her mother. Her mother was extremely brokenhearted by the betrayal and kept it a secret. The betrayal was like a poison that slowly put Rowena on her deathbed. The rouse her daughter played on her had Rowena turn to that Slytherin boy, hopeful that the boy Helena showed (false) affection for would be the key in bringing her daughter back to her, so she could see her just one more time. In a strange version of romanticism the young man, now a Baron after his father's death knew this was his chance to make Helena his wife after getting Rowena's blessing once they returned.

Baron Powers Gaunt was still obsessed with Helena and was extremely put out that was playing this hard to get. So he tracked her down and traveled to Albania to end this playful cat and mouse game once and for all! When he approached Helena she was rather shocked that he was so obsessed with the idea of marrying her and that he believed she was only playing hard to get to further entice him. She firmly rebuffed his advances and in a rage of heartbreak the Baron took his dagger (mind so consumed with fury that steel replaced magic) and stabbed Helena mortally.

The next thing Helena knew she was back in the halls of her beloved Hogwarts and she passed through a wall before she got her bearings. Where she was selfish in life she was humble as a ghost, quiet and withdrawn with all but those of her House. She particularly avoided the lower levels of the school and kept to the Ravenclaw Tower unless there was a special event like open and closing feasts where she goes to meet any new Ravenclaws there might be. But usually she is doing her best to avoid the ghost of her murderer who also haunts the school after he committed suicide when he realized what he did to her.

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  • Prim
  • Scholarly
  • Reserved

RP Hooks

  • Finder of Lost Things: Are you a member of House Ravenclaw? Have you lost something? The Grey Lady has been known to help those of her House find the missing and mislaid.
  • House Ghost of Ravenclaw: The Grey Lady is very much devoted even in death to making sure that the Ravenclaws represent themselves with intelligence and decorum.
  • Quiet: Many believe the Grey Lady never speaks. But she often carries on conversations with Ravenclaws.


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Personal Issues: For reasons unknown, the Grey Lady seems to disdain the Bloody Baron's very presence, but not out of fear like so many others. It may be something deeper, but the laconic ghost doesn't discuss it.


Charming Cavalier: Ghost of House Gryffendor, Sir Nicolas is occasionally seen as gentlemanly companion, sharing news of the day and interesting gossip.


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