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For the Greater Good
Portrayed by Ian McKellan
Name: Gellert Grindelwald
Aliases: Grindelwald
Birthday: c. 1882
Position: Political Leader
Lineage: Pure-blood
Gellert as a young man


The man of unwavering demeanor has aged with great appeal. His large nose is the only thing that can be said to have continued in growth. His brow arches high, giving him a proud and regal set to the man who carries it so well. Pale skin is accompanied by the swept back style of his salt and pepper hair. He is tall, rather imposing in his well-maintained form.

His clothing is simple but not without finery. His pea coat shelters the expensive and finely tailor sharp blue suit. At his neck rests a tie that falls to tuck beneath a navy satin vest. His pants fall crisply pressed to accentuate his height and end in a set of highly polished black shoes. The man often adopts a set of leather gloves.


Gellert Grindelwald was once a student at the Durmstrang Institute. Few know that he was actually kicked out of that school, but clearly his magical education did not end there. Through the years, not only did his magical prowess evolve, but so did his philosophies. Whatever his influences along the way, they set him on a course to change the world.
Grindelwald has become a charismatic political leader that is stirring up wizards in Europe, calling for a repeal of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, and a more active role by wizards in guiding the fate of the world. His detractors call him a wizard supremacist, and accuse him of wanting to subjugate Muggles. But his supporters argue that he is simply trying to steer the world away from disaster.

The publication of his manifesto, Für das Allgemeinwohl cemented his position. He promoted a doctrine of domination over Muggles, by violence if necessary. But he espouses the notion that it is "For the Greater Good" (which is, in fact, the English translation of the book's title). He has gathered hundreds of wizards from around the world that believe in his message. They call themselves the Army of Truth. His symbol is known by the similar name — the Eye of Truth. The cryptic emblem seems to stir something deep within his followers, and his enemies. But whether it holds some deeper power or meaning remains to be seen.

After the events of the aborted 1938 Triwizard Tournament, the world became aware that Grindelwald had returned to Durmstrang, and is apparently using it as his base of operations.

RP Hooks

  • Leader of the Army of Truth: Do you support his cause? Odds are that you've never him, and probably never will. But his ideas are much larger and further reaching than the man himself.


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Albus and Gellert were childhood friends.


There are rumours that Helstrom is actually Grindelwald's illegitimate son. Whether true or not, according to reports, Grindelwald has been seen at Durmstrang, possibly working with Helstrom.


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