Character Information
Portrayed by Leslie Jones
Name: Gugga
Aliases: Gertrude Hobday
Birthday: September 7th, 1863
Position: Forbidden Forest Trolls
Lineage: Half-Blood; Half-Troll



Anita Hobday's mother was dying and Anita was told that the only thing that could save her mother was a type of fungus that only grows under a certain tree within the Forbidden Forest. Throwing caution to the wind Anita went into the forest and was unprepared for the dangers within. She took a misstep and ended up at the bottom of a Troll's spike pit. That troll eventually came and discovered that he had not captured a centaur for dinner as was planned, but a very pretty witch with a smile that made him feel nice. So it was that Groopo saved the witch from his trap and nursed her back to health. Once she was healed he kept her as his mate and only when Orromo beat him severely for his relationship with Anita that he let Anita go to make sure she didn't get hurt if was killed in the next beating.

Anita returned home too late to save her mother and as a mother herself. The pregnancy was extremely difficult for Anita and out of shame she did not go to St. Mungos for help in the delivery and she passed away shortly after her daughter Gertrude was born. Fearing the worst, Anita had written a collection of letters for her child to read and so when she was of age Anita's brother and wife who adopted Gertrude gave her the letters to read. Another letter also came for Gertrude that honestly surprised her mother's family. A letter to Hogwarts! She was sorted into House Hufflepuff and unfortunately face a great deal of trouble fitting in and doing well academically. The only friend she made was Ryan Woodcroft, the son of the Mayor of Hogsmeade at the time. He did his absolute best to tutor Gertrude and try to help her pass her classes. Ryan was the only one that took the time to know and understand Gertrude and even though he wasn't good enough a tutor because she failed all of her O.W.L.s he was a good enough friend that he made her feel loved and she loved him. When word got around to his family about their relationship there was practically a riot and Gertrude was rather forcibly expelled from Wizarding Society.

Gertrude ran away, into the Forbidden Forest in hopes of locating her father. Sadly he was killed shortly after he let Anita escape. But ironically it was among the trolls that she found her community. In the Wizarding Community she was a poor excuse for a Witch, but through the lens of the Trolls she was a brilliant and talented sorceress! She rose to power and influence among the trolls.


  • Vengeful
  • Ambitious
  • Wealth: Comfortable Access to the Hoard gives Gugga access to assets that might surprise the outside world. She could live very comfortably among the wizards and witches if she chose to.

RP Hooks

  • Exiled in 1881: Gertrude was discovered to be having a relationship with Ryan Woodcroft, the then Mayor's son and there was accusations of abuse of Love Potion and Gertrude was ran out of town and has not been seen or heard from since that day.
  • Fifth Year Flunky: Gertrude Hobday did not pass her O.W.L.s and was repeating courses when she was exiled.


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Son: Guilt. She should have protected him better from Orromo and the others. She has kept an eye on him from afar, but has made sure to never come into contact with him. That would just be too difficult for Gugga.


Father: Gertrude never knew her father. But her mother wrote that he was very kind and was bullied by the other Trolls when he saved her from one of their traps and nursed her back to health.


Anita Hobday
Mother: Her mother went into the Forbidden forest to save her own mother. That example is what helps Gugga live with her choice to allow Ogg to be raised by the Humans.


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