This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Richard Attenborough
Name: Guy Alexander Stewart Moncrieff Grosvenor
Aliases: 'Skipper', 'The Old Man'. 'A for Apple'
Birthday: Nov 4
Position: RAF Pilot
Lineage: Squib


Not a tall man, at perhaps 5'8", and past his best years- he's somewhere between a young fifty, and an old forty. His face is mostly remarkable for three features. Firstly, the slightly soulful appearance to his eyes, secondly a little tenseness around the jaw, suggesting that despite the gentle mien this is a figure of determination, and finally, a scar which mars the right upper eyebrow, and continues below the lower lid, and must narrowly have missed removing the eye.

His attire is not completely unusual in these days in London, for he wears an RAF uniform, the blue-grey epaulettes surrounded by the rings of a Squadron Leader- a junior rank for his age.


Guy Grosvenor was born in 1893, in Cheshire, a only son of a 3rd son of a minor and magical offshoot of the Dukes of Westminster, inheriting neither the titles of his main line, nor the magic of his father, Edward Grosvenor. His mother, an american socialite and button heiress, Esme, who died in childbed. He was grave disappointment to his father, who went on to send him to Eton, and then Cambridge, and married again when Guy was 15, to a witch 20 years younger than him, who gave him another son (Edward/Eddie) and daughter (Eugenia) who are pure bloods, and really don't get on with their older, squib, half brother. As a consequence, Guy spends virtually no time at his fathers house.

He attended Eton College, Windsor, England, and then went on to Kings College Cambridge, reading Law. Just after the finals, however, War broke out, and buoyed along in the raging patriotism of the time, Guy enlisted in the Rifle Corps. He didn't reach the front until early 15, when it became clear this was a longer war than anyone had anticipated, and inspired by what he saw, he volunteered for a transfer to the Royal Flying Corps. After pilot training in England, he was deployed to the front, flying Sopwith pups, and catching the end of the Fokker scourge. He had a 'good' war, in general, escaping until 1918 with nothing more than a faint scar over his right eyebrow and cheek, without affecting his sight, but in 1918, in Kaiserschlacht and the Battle of Amiens, he was shot down in a brawl with some Albatrosses, sustaining injuries which left him with a limp, even almost 20 years later.

For the 20's, and the early 30's, he was a country solicitor and from 1924 a RAF reservist in the Auxiliary Air Force, earning a little money, and keeping himself occupied, but mostly living off his allowances from his mothers wealth, but in 1936, the former Major Grosvenor (RFC), and then Squadron Leader Grosvenor (RAF), who had spent the early 30's warning of the dangers of German (Hun!) rearmament, reactivated his commission as part of the re-expansion of the RAF. No longer the lightning speed fighter pilot, he trades in training on skill, superb marksmanship, and practical tactics, from the First War. He has no family, but occasional lovers. His hobbies include driving a sportscar far too quickly, amateur dramatics, and writing of articles on a variety of subjects, and of course, limping around a golf course whilst visciously clubbing a ball.

RP Hooks

  • RAF- Guy is back under the Colours, and having the time of his life as a Spitfire Squadron Leader, for 812 squadron, based at Biggin Hill South of London
  • Family man- are you a friend, enemy, or member of the Grosvenor clan? If so, Guy may feature in your thoughts
  • Purist- What the hell is this Squib in Muggle Uniform doing kicking around the place? You may wish to make your thoughts known
  • Muggle Fan- What a source for the latest in Muggle thoughts and skills! Did you know they can fly without brooms?
  • Healer?- Have you worked with Kahren at trying to improve Guy's leg?


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Gruff
  • Injury: Limp
  • Impatient


Logs featuring Guy Logs that refer to Guy



Ah, lovely Rena. Accepting of Muggle skills and technology, even if she is friends with some total idiots!


Quick witted and charming. And an incredible thirst for alcohol.


A generous healer, with a wide eyed fascination for things as simple as the Tube


Charles 'Birdie' Faulkner. Flight commander with my squadron (812), and my right hand man. Another Great War relic.


Alan 'Aston' Martin. Green as grass, but we all start somewhere. Hopefully 812 will have a chance to give him the experience whilst keeping him alive.


A friend of Rena. Fond of threats. Including threatening to call RAF police into Wizarding London. By use of a telephone he doesn't know how to use.


Edward Grosvenor
Guy's father. Estranged, and likely to remain so, he is a half-blood who took a muggle first wife, largely for her money, and was rather relieved when she died in childbed, and he could replace her with a pure blood. More Purist than the Pure-Blood.


Eddie Grosvenor
Half Brother. Pureblood. Doesn't get on with Guy. Age anywhere up to 30. Available to be taken as a character.


Eugenia Grosvenor
Half Sister. Pureblood. Doesn't get on with Guy. Age anywhere up to 29. Available to be taken as a character.


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