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Character Information
Portrayed by Elle Peterson
Name: Gwendolyn Morgan
Aliases: -
Birthday: August 17th, 1927
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-Blood


In her middle teens, Gwendolyn Morgan stands tall and lithe with delicate features. Despite her thin appearance, her muscles are strong, worked out from years of Quidditch training. Straight blonde hair falls about her shoulders, thin and highlighted from the sun. Her skin is pale but rosy and her smile is bright, reaching all the way to her blue eyes. She walks with less grace than she flies, her knees and elbows constantly skinned up from frequently tripping.

Though clearly not hand-me-downs, Gwendolyn's black school robes are worn and in some places holey, evidence of her clumsiness. Her shoes are scuffed up and well worn in. Around her neck hangs her only piece of jewelry, an elaborate necklace with a charm bearing the mascot of the Hollyhead Harpies, her favorite team.


Gwendolyn Morgan was born August 17th, 1927 to parents Llewellyn and Crystin Morgan. The two met working at the Ministry of Magic when Crystin was just graduated Hogwarts and Llewellyn nearly 30. Despite their age difference, the couple had a love-filled marriage that only increased when Gwendolyn was born to them a few years later.

Gwendolyn had a happy childhood and wanted for nothing. As soon as her parents deemed her old enough, they started teaching her to fly on a broom, and she took to it like a fish to water. She was a natural at Quidditch and loved spending her days zooming around their property. Her outbursts of magic as a child were rare but intense. It took a lot to upset her, but when she became agitated it was not uncommon for things around her to shatter into pieces. Therefore it was no surprise when she received her letter from Hogwarts at age 11.

Gwendolyn was immediately sorted into Ravenclaw once the Sorting Hat touched her head, and her skills in the classroom show why. In her third year of studies at the school, she selected Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures as her electives. Though she found the former boring, Gwen really took a shining to the latter and enjoys the class greatly. She takes her schoolwork seriously and receives top marks in many of her classes, standing out exceptionally in Charms.

Her real love, however, is Quidditch. She's made the Ravenclaw House team as Seeker and has shown immense talent on the field. Her dream is to one day to play for the Hollyhead Harpies, her favorite team.

RP Hooks

  • Avid Flyer: Gwendolyn loves being on a broom and is more than willing to help others learn how to fly or teach them Quidditch.
  • Hollyhead Harpies: Gwendolyn is a diehard fanatic for the Harpies and will get into an argument with anyone who thinks their team is better.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Perfectionist
  • Blunt
  • Gullible
  • Klutz


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Llewellyn Morgan
Father: (1908) Half-blood. Though they don't talk much about anything else, Gwendolyn's father originally taught her how to ride on a broom and it's something that has bonded them ever since.


Crystin Morgan nee Dawlish
Mother: (1920) Half-blood. Gwendolyn's mother is her best friend. The two are exceptionally close and she shares all of her secrets with her.


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