Character Information
Portrayed by Richard O'Brien
Name: Haffnan Bones
Aliases: Bonesmith
Birthday: March 25th, 1867
Position: Undertaker
Lineage: Half-Blood


This slightly built elder likely doesn't mean to come across as quite so unsettling. But it can't be helped. While tall, gaunt Haffnan walks with a stoop, either to avoid drawing attention or merely out of resigned weariness in the wake of his profession. Entirely bald, with sunken eyes of sharp, speculative blue and an aquiline nose, he possesses an air of quiet almost to the point of discomfort, for some; apparently preferring to smilingly observe the world around him. Long-limbed, he has spidery, bony fingers that actually imply a certain deft grace when in motion.

Haffnan favours practical choices in attire, with robes of dark brown. Still, they're remarkably well kept, without a speck of dirt or dust about the undertaker's person.



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  • Wealth: Comfortable

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