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Character Information
Portrayed by Riley Thomas Stewart
Name: Harrel Toke
Aliases: -
Birthday: June 6th, 1928
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-Blood


Harrel Toke is a quiet young teen that still stands a hair shorter than he probably should at this age. He doesn't smile often, but when he does it's brilliant enough to light up a room. His skin is pale and easily burnt. Dark blue eyes grace his face over a slightly large nose. His teeth are uneven and the front two are slightly larger than the rest. He has a mop of messy golden-brown curls on the top of his head that constantly get into his eyes.

When not in his school uniform, showing Gryffindor colors, dress shirts and slacks are often the flavor of the day for Harrel, typically in dark colors like blacks and browns. Over his shirt he is generally seen wearing a suit vest in various patterns, the colors all going nicely with the rest of his outfit. He has a pair of brown leather shoes that are his favorite, tied with black laces.


In 1932 the family went for holiday to Ilfracombe, a seaside resort and civil parish in North Devon, England. While enjoying the sunny shores a Common Welsh Green dragon attacked a group of sunbathing Muggles. In the largest group of Memory Charms performed in the 20th century, his family removed the memories of the incident from almost all Muggles involved.

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  • Bayswater Resident: Harrel lives at #1 Craven Hill Gardens, Bayswater, West End, London with his father, Murray, his mother, Tilly, and his siblings, Slater and Matilda.


  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Father: (b. October 26th, 1902) Half-Blood. Murray Toke is a Obliviator for the Ministry of Magic.


Mother: (b. June 20th, 1903) Pure-Blood. Tilly Toke nee Summerbee.


Big Brother: (b. May 12th, 1924) Half-Blood. Slater Toke makes Harrel sometimes feel like all of the good genes got used up making Slater.


Little Sister: (b. July 3rd, 1930) Half-Blood.


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