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Character Information
Portrayed by John Rhys-Davies
Name: Harvey Ridgebit
Aliases: Harve
Birthday: May 5th, 1881
Position: R.C.M.C.
Beast Division
Lineage: Half-Blood


A touch of grey or two marks the square faced man. His dark hair has receded backwards, leaving a widow peak. A carefully groomed beard and mustache encompass his strong jaw. The thick hooked nose gives him a severe look to pair with his dark eyes. The man is of average height and broad shoulders and chest.

He attires himself in a wizarding statement. A white shirt is paired with a louder gold paisley vest but toned down by the black suit jacket and pants that match. A set of black polished shoes top off the ensemble on occasions he will adorn his head with a taller hat to go with his presumptuous clothes.


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RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Way With Dragons


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