Portrayed by Lara Robinson
Name: Harriet Wilkins
Aliases: Hattie
Birthday: 2nd March 1924
Position: Student: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-blood


Hattie is a girl of around average height, with a slender figure. Her hair is generally seen as an untamed mass of dark curls, which she ties back for practical classes like potions and herbology. Warm brown eyes sit just a little wide in her oval face, and her nose is slightly pointed. Her fingernails are cut short but a little dirt still manages to remain underneath them.


Harriet was the first child born to the pure-blood Healer, Leon, and his Muggle wife, Nancy, who was a nurse. She was also the first of the Wilkins' children to show signs of magic. Toys which had been put away would find themselves once more in the little girl's cot and the music box which played her lullaby would soothe her to sleep without her parents having wound it.


Twelve inches inches, hawthorn, supple, with a unicorn hair core.


Hattie has a barn owl named Urania.

As soon as she could toddle around, she loved playing in the garden. Her mother gave her a space of her own in the greenhouse where she could grow whatever she liked— a few flowers, at first, but over time her garden developed into a collection of extraordinary plants brought home from Diagon Alley by her father. And her passion didn't stop at growing them; many happy hours were spent studying world botany, and the properties of plants, both magical and mundane.

September 1, 1935 was met with great excitement by Hattie, for it was her first day at Hogwarts. She was sorted into Ravenclaw and fully embraced her new house, throwing herself into her studies. Herbology was, of course, her favorite subject, but she also showed an innate aptitude for potions and enjoyed astronomy.

The young witch spent much more time with her Muggle grandparents than her magical ones, given the frosty relationship her father had with his own parents. She enjoyed engaging in tactical chess matches with her grandpa and listening to her grandma tell stories. One year she received a camera from them for Christmas. Pleased with the opportunity for a new hobby, she joined the arts club at school, happily bringing her photographs home in the holidays.


Green Thumb From a young age, Hattie has had a talent for gardening. She even believes that plants have their own language.
Practical When something needs to be done, Hattie gets on with it. She's not one to be squeamish or to fuss about getting dirty.
Timid Hattie is quiet and a little shy, avoiding confrontation like the plague. Once you get to know her, she's warm and loving.
Wealth: Well-To-Do Hattie's father is Healer in Charge at St. Mungo's and the Wilkins family have never wanted for anything.

RP Hooks

Half-blood Hattie's father is a pure-blood who married a Muggle. Blood-purists would definitely have something to say on the matter! Hattie has a great love for both worlds.
Ravenclaw Maybe you've noticed Hattie with her nose in a potions book in the common room, or watering her plants in the dormitory. She's quiet, but ask her about what she's doing and she'll be happy to talk.
Practiced Potioneer Hattie does very well at potions, and is happy to lend a hand to those who need help.
Phytophile The windowsill nearest Hattie's bed is covered with potted plants. If you're interested in them too, or just need help with your herbology, talk to Hattie.


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Friend. Hattie has many acquaintances, people who she enjoys the company of, but very friends. Being able to trust Elspeth Rosen with her thoughts has been such a comfort. Even for a Ravenclaw, she’s admirably rational, cool-headed and even-keeled. She comes to Elspeth when she is troubled… but wonders who Elspeth goes to. Hattie thinks with all that has happened to her, she is very brave.


Friend. Sierra Higgins is a fantastic dancer! And with her background as a traveller, she doesn’t care if Hattie’s taste runs more toward Benny Goodman than toward more traditional wizarding music. Sierra is very mercurial though, and outspoken in her views on not relying on magic.


Chess Partner. The heart wants who it wants. In Hattie's case, it has had a yen for a purist, a Slytherin, a determined bigot and sometimes bully, since she was twelve. And that is exactly how long she's kept a lid on it. The things that come out of his mouth sometimes—! But other times… What Wilkins can resist trying to mend what is broken?


Tutor. Hattie took on Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, having little in the way of natural skill. That’s alright! Tony Rowle is brilliant at both, and has agreed to help her succeed. She gets the feeling, though, that she is good practice for him, too, if he ever intends to instruct. Sometimes his brain seems to outpace his ability to express his ideas.


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