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Eccentric Wandmaker
Portrayed by Ian Holm
Name: Oran Hawthorne
Aliases: -
Birthday: Mar 07, 1862
Position: Owner of Hawthorne Wandworks
Lineage: Pure-blood


This man is in his later years, with a short and slightly round figure. Standing at about five and a half feet tall, he possesses a fair complexion that shows his age in the faint lines, as well as the more pronounced ones around his mouth and on his brow. His eyes are a clear gray framed by dark gray brows, his nose straight and slightly pointed, his mouth small unless stretched into a smile. His hair is a mixture of grays, and sits atop his head in a wildly curly mop.


Oran Hawthorne is an accomplished Master Wandmaker, who many would say is on par with the Ollivander family. He was especially well known for his "wand enhancements" — minor magical effects he would imbue into wands, such as changing colours with the temperature, small fireworks shooting off when certain spells are cast, or the ability to use the wand to write in glittering magical script. Of course, his works weren't pure gimmicks. The quality of his wands was undeniable. But eventually, Hawthorne retired and closed his shop, taking only the occasional private commission.

Recently, however, the eccentric wandmaker has made a return to the world, and has reopened Hawthorne Wandworks in Hogsmeade Village. It's a smaller operation than before, but as he puts it, that gives him more time to enjoy the Three Broomsticks.

RP Hooks

  • Mr. Hawthorne has come out of retirement, and is the owner of Hawthorne Wandworks, a brand new shop in Hogsmeade Village.
  • Want a special effect applied to your wand? He knows the secret to give your wand flair!


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  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Cheerful
  • Curious



Corbin Hawthorne


Natalia Hawthorne nee Parkinson




Gervaise Ollivander and Oran Hawthorne were contemporaries, and friendly rivals. That friendship continued with Gervaise's son, Garrick. It may have helped that Mr. Hawthorne retired just before Garrick took over the family wand shop.


Young Miss Summerbee has taken a position working in Hawthorne's shop during Hogsmeade weekends. He seems quite fond of the girl, and has even started teaching her a few things about practical wandmaking.


It has come out that Oran Hawthorne and Callus Vengal are related somehow. But despite the blood ties, Hawthorne claims no love for the man.


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