This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen
Name: Hector Byron Rhys Carrow
Aliases: The Collector
Birthday: Apr 19 1896
Position: Investor
Lineage: House of Carrow


Hector Carrow stands at 6'1" tall and has a fairly average build. His light brown hair is well kept and styled in a simple gentlemans manner with all the hair on top combed over to one side. Though not obviously attractive the man's features are strong and well defined, portraying a man who's enjoyed clean living most of his life. His brown eyes carry a cold stare even in casual conversation and his thin lips rarely stretch into a smile. Most days a light amount of facial hair is visible, but never anything that could give him a lazy or unkept look.

The man is currently dressed in a grey pin-striped suit that is well fitting and speaks of his wealth. A white dress shirt and black tie could lead one to think that Hector tends to chose simple color choices in clothing while avoiding anything that may set him apart from a crowd. All in all he seems to be average in most respects, this can sometimes cause him to blend into a crowd with ease.


Hector Byron Rhys Carrow was born in London on Apr 19 1896 as the only son of Dianna and Fredrick Carrow. The family was exceptionally wealthy even by the standards of those families in the highest of social circles; however they were cold and utterly expectant of their only heir which created a somewhat harsh upbringing. As a young man his father told how he would bring the family name regard and respect. This became a driving factor in his life even as a child and especially when he joined the wizarding community at Hogwarts.

Hector attended Hogwarts as a member of the Slytherin House from 1907 to 1914. His primary electives were Ancient Runes where he excelled in this subject more than any other while having much harder times with classes that involved Herbology or Potions. His focus remained on Ancient Runes throughout his 6th and 7th years as NEWT studies. Hector had very little interest in Quidditch as his parents did not approve of activities that pulled his attention away from his studies. Due to his excellent work ethic and grades he was made Prefect in his 5th year.

Currently Hector is working as an Investor and Socialite as his family wealth has left him with a hefty bank account to draw upon whenever he needs it. However he rarely is generous and known for being somewhat cold toward those that ask for handouts. That is what is assumed by the public… the truth is much darker. Almost all of his family fortune has been spent or is tied up in his obessive desire to uncover ancient magical artefacts. This change has forced Hector to examine less legal ways to aquire these objects. After his parents passed away he has shown no interest in starting a family but has instead focus his life in other directions, primarily the desire to acquire and study ancient magical artefacts. His studies are talked about by other socialites as Hector has been known to lock himself away in his home for weeks at a time, utterly shutting himself off from the outside world. When asked about his findings Hector rarely shares his findings in any way other than trivial musings. Over the last few years he has been known to spend more time inside his home than outside dealing with his Investors and social interactions. In truth what is happening behind the doors of his family estate is much more criminal in nature.


  • Insomnia
  • Remorseless
  • Obsessive
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Underworld Criminal
  • Legitimate Businessman


Logs featuring Hector Logs that refer to Hector



Head of Security for Carrow Investment Services. This rogue has been taken in for reasons unknown by Hector Carrow even with his somewhat shady past. What's even more odd is how poorly these two get alone in public.


Officially Beryl Crabbe is a secretary for Carrow Investment Services, unofficially she is a partner is the many other side ventures that Hector might be interested in. Though she appears to be a bit of an upstart it would appear that Hector is more than happy to accept her flaws and instead focus on her other skills.


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