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Character Information
Portrayed by Mila Kunis
Name: Helene Xanthe Prince
Aliases: Hel
Birthday: November 12th, 1920
Position: M.L.E. - Auror Initiate
Lineage: Pure-blood


Not particularly tall and of fairly average build, Helene Prince still carries herself with the subtly haughty pride and lazy grace of a courtier. Glossy hair of chestnut-streaked mahogany falls sleek and straight about her shoulders, gradually curling thereafter to natural loose waves where the tresses near mid-back. A dusky skintone and feline, almond eyes of hazel-green lend the young woman an exotic mien and she emphasises the latter with kohl and sooty-dark lashes. A little snub nose and angular jawline add further to the youthful, catlike impression, as does the occasional fleeting glimpse of predatory mischief when she smiles.

Smartly attired in her practical work clothes, today's ensemble consists of a well-tailored trenchcoat in ebon fabric, trimmed with leather, worn atop a simple charcoal blouse and black slacks which are tucked into the sturdy knee-high boots laced snugly about her calves. A leather wand holster is set securely at her hip.


A well-established family, the Prince line has enough money and eccentricities to get away with more than they often should. It was clear from a young age that Helene would be destined for greatness. Or at least for Hogwarts. The girl was obviously magically-inclined and not just in a small amount - it took some active dissuasion in her younger years to keep her from trying to actively practice, but when you have the money… Helene thus was spoiled many trinkets, toys, and clothes. Every distraction her parents could think of. In point of fact, she soon began to use it to her advantage: pretend to obsess over mother's potion supplies, get a new outfit! Or a trip to Italy over the summer!

Her tendencies for manipulation began at a young age and thus it was no huge surprise that she was sorted into Slytherin once she began at Hogwarts. The girl already knew how to bend her family to her will and her desire for greatness outweighed much else around her. She wanted things her way and she knew how to get them. Usually via more underhanded and contrived methods than the obvious ones of her early childhood. The girl excelled in whatever she applied herself to, though she primarily focused on the things that would see to her future as an Auror. While she did — reluctantly — take on Care of Magic Creatures and Ancient Runes they were dropped after her fifth year so that she might take the required for Auror Training NEWT classes of Transfiguration, Charms, DADA, and Potions. Even with the heavy workload of working to be an Auror Helene did her best not to forget some extra-curricular activities and joined the Arts Club and Dueling Club. Over the years her excellence, dedication and ambitions to be an Auror gained the attention of Professor Slughorn and she was invited to join The Slug Club.

In 1941, after acing through Auror Training Helene was made an Auror Initiate. Tenacious and bold, with the wealth and bloodline to back up those traits, she remains as ambitious as ever, though her ruthlessness has been tempered somewhat by the passage of time and the inevitable maturity that comes along with it.


  • Ambitious
  • Fickle
  • Friends in High Places
  • Practical
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Slytherin Alumni - Helene loves her house and her housemates. Want to bond over being snobby?
  • Pure-blood - The Prince Family have a proud heritage and let everyone know it. Helene is no exception.
  • Auror - Recently made an Auror Initiate, Helene's story is that of an Auror on the rise.


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Ettiam Est Prince the Fourth (IV)
Father: (b. 1900) Pure-Blood.
Her father is a very proud man - something of a family trait, of course. Fiercely ambitious for his eldest daughter, the apple of his eye.


Harriet Prince nee Pyrites
Mother: (b. 1900) Pure-Blood.
Still a beautiful woman. It's thanks to her that the family is well thought of - Ettiam doesn't have quite the 'people skills' she does.


Little Brother: (b. 1923) Pure-Blood.
Poor Est. Completely hopeless. At least he has a sense of humor about it!


Little Sister: (b. 1929) TBC


First Cousin Once Removed: (b. 1872) Pure-Blood. Helene's Great-Grandfather Est the II had a son, Kenzington Prince, Kenzington then had 3 sons and Penzington is the surviving one of those three. Penzington is considered the Patriarch of the Prince Family. He is also the Director of the M.A.C. Department at the Ministry of Magic and it's nepotism at its finest that Helene got into the Auror Training Program. She might know her stuff, but as they say, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

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