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Character Information
Portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Name: Doyle Vali Hitchcock
Aliases: Hitch
Birthday: May 09, 1896
Position: D.M.T.
Lineage: Half-Blood


Middle aged wrinkles of smiles adorn this man's face. He's got a greying scruff of a beard that stays relatively well trimmed. Dark brown hair that is a little on the longer side and brown eyes with soft crow's feet off to the sides. A good build on the man shows he has no lack of muscle and is somewhat conscious of his physique.


Sinead Rodica Quinn along with her brother Quinlan Grigore Quinn are the only remaining direct descendants of the Quinnland line. Sinead met a Squib Anthropologist when he came to the Quinnlands with aim to study their culture and lifestyle. The squibs name was Professor Noland Arthur Hitchcock of Oxford University. By the time he left the Quinnlands it could be said that he had intimate knowledge of them, or more pointedly one in particular, Sinead. Doyle was born within the year the Professor left. Getting married is something that's not exactly a big deal to the Quinnlands. Some of them are never married but may of well been so many times over. Sinead however only had the one affair and she cherished her son as the reminder of his father he was.

All Quinnlands have the love of travel. But not all of them have Doyle's talent for it. When he was very small, his mother would find him up on shelves that no toddler could possibly get up to. Anything that moved was his favorite thing. When he was sorted into Gryffindor as a student at Hogwarts he knew every inch of the castle and campus. He'd often in his off hours perch himself on a railing and help the other kids time and direct themselves on the moving stairwell.

It was in these times that he discovered where his passion was; in helping people get around. His mother was poor, so when it came time for Apparition Training in his fifth year Doyle skipped on the Quinnland Christmas sojourn in Brazil that year so that he could Hitchhike and broom ride and every sort of mode of traveling one could expect a fifteen year old to take part in trying to get from Aberdeen Scotland to Oxford England. He spent the rest of his vacation with his father and his father's family. Hitch didn't mind one bit in giving Noland's new family the shocking news that they have a half-brother and Noland has a bastard son. He left Oxford with a smug satisfaction and more than enough 'keep quiet' money to pay for his Apparition Training when it started later in that year.

Turned out he barely needed the training. He was as good as the trainer was in no time and he was soon the proud holder of an Apparition License. He once again gave up a vacation of traveling around the world with the Quinnlands so that he could intern for the Ministry in the profession he was now certain he wanted to do. He was going to join the Department of Magical Transportation. That wish came true after he graduated from Hogwarts. He was able to re-join his family in their traveling and was even able to aid in getting them where they wished to go now.

Personally Hitch has gone through life with one love like his mother did. But unlike his mother he's had plenty of dalliances with women all over the world. He even has a few bastards out there as well, but he takes care of them all. His pay from the Ministry helps. He lives below his means gladly and uses the extra money for his family.

RP Hooks

  • Need a portkey?
  • Need Apparation Training?


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  • Natural Linguist
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Worldly
  • Rough and Tumble


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