Hogwarts Houses

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Founder: Godric Gryffindor
Colours: Scarlet and Gold
Symbol: Lion
Mascot: Godric
Ghost: Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington (a.k.a. "Nearly Headless Nick")
Head of House: Enid Pettigrew
Location: 7th Floor — Gryffindor Tower


Those of Gryffindor House tend to exemplify courage, daring, nerve and chivalry. Thus those of Gryffindor House are usually regarded as brave, sometimes to the point of reckless behavior. Some view their actions as "pointless heroics" or "self-righteous and arrogant, with no regard for rules". But to the most spirited Gryffindors, doing what is right is more important than doing what is allowed. Their emblem is the lion, and their colours are scarlet and gold. They have a rivalry with Slytherin (who are the source of the more negative comments about Gryffindor House). In some matters, the other two, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, tend to side with Gryffindor rather than Slytherin.

Current Gryffindor Students

Seventh YearsSlater
Sixth YearsPhoeniciaRhona
Fifth YearsCelesCillianFelixJosieMaeveXylina
Fourth YearsArchieBillyChastityFinleyMegan
Third YearsAashaHarrel
Second YearsBrandLyallOliveRubeus
First YearsHamishKarlKevin

Founder: Helga Hufflepuff
Colours: Yellow and Black
Symbol: Badger
Mascot: Helga
Ghost: The Fat Friar
Head of House: Hesper Starkey
Location: Kitchen Level — Vinegar Kegs


The inclusive Hufflepuff House tends to accept hard working, friendly and loyal students; their emblem is the badger, and their colours are yellow and black. They are not a competitive house, but rather, tend to be a great deal more modest in their accomplishments. Valuing neutrality, they often don't partake in the house rivalry activities. Often they are called on for mediation. This house is the most diverse when it comes to the lineage of students. For this reason students that don't really fit in the other houses are accepted into Hufflepuff. Which unfortunately sometimes makes people think of the house as having less talented wizards. However this is merely a misunderstanding and many a great and powerful witch or wizard has graduated from the Hufflepuff House.

Current Hufflepuff Students

Seventh YearsAsmundEthelOscar
Sixth YearsBethneyButlerMateo
Fifth YearsEricaMaxNia
Fourth YearsAislinEllery
Third YearsAliciaEoin
Second YearsLissieWilhelmina
First YearsHelbert

Founder: Rowena Ravenclaw
Colours: Blue and Bronze
Symbol: Eagle
Mascot: Rowena
Ghost: Helena Ravenclaw (a.k.a. "The Grey Lady")
Head of House: Manto Mopsus
Location: 5th Floor — Ravenclaw Tower


Those with intelligence, a desire to learn, and often wisdom beyond their years are called to Ravenclaw. Intellect, wit, and curiosity are all traits one could describe a member of the Ravenclaw House have. They tend to be people that are academically motivated and very talented students. As a result, they are often very proud when it comes to academic achievement, and have been known to backstab one another (and likely other students) in order to get the top marks. For similar reasons, Ravenclaws have a habit of claiming any intelligent wizard was a member of their house. Their emblem is the eagle, and their colours are blue and bronze. When called upon, they support Gryffindor in their rivalry against Slytherin.

Current Ravenclaw Students

Seventh YearsAmeinoclesCaraHattieLaurean
Sixth YearsCarolCarolusMedeaMorrowSusanTavish
Fifth YearsAkilinaCathalGabrielJolie
Fourth YearsGwendolynTaiVirgil
Third YearsArkieBeaufordGlynnisJaclynMichael
Second YearsAndaraEutheriaMyrtleRocky
First YearsMatildaWilliam

Founder: Salazar Slytherin
Colours: Green and Silver
Symbol: Serpent
Mascot: Sal
Ghost: The Bloody Baron
Head of House: Horace Slughorn
Location: Dungeons — Maze of Corridors


Those chosen to Slytherin exemplify cunning, ambition and resourcefulness; their emblem is the snake, and their colours are green and silver. It is the rival house to Gryffindor, and frequently identified with Dark wizards. It was the expressed desire of Salazar Slytherin that only pure-blood witches and wizards be allowed in his house. To this day, the Sorting Hat does not sort Muggle-born and half-blood wizards into the coils of this rather notorious house.

Current Slytherin Students

Seventh YearsAbraxasEugeneGeorgeLucindaOberonSamira
Sixth YearsAlexanderBowenJohnLucretiaMackenzieWalburga
Fifth YearsAugustinaLorcanRiddle
Fourth YearsAdrianAntoninVincent
Third YearsWinky
Second YearsBeauregardClaudiaDruellaHelleboreOrion
First YearsAidenDaedalusEileenMoira
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