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Flying Instructor
Portrayed by Allison Mack
Name: Rolanda Hooch
Aliases: Madam Hooch
Birthday: October 29, 1901
Position: Hogwarts Flying Instructor, Quidditch Coach/Referee
Lineage: Half-blood


This is a young woman has a youthful exuberance that makes her actual age difficult to pinpoint. Petite is the best way to describe her body style; trim of muscle, delicate of bone, but with ample curves at breast and hip. Pale blonde hair falls to about mid-neck, often played through with flipped out pixie wisps that bounce around an oval face. A peaches and cream complexion brightens the hue of golden eyes. A full lower lip, coupled with the shine of her golden hawk like eyes, combine to make her smile lovely.

Smart robes and attitude abound with this woman in her robes of swirling black that are trimmed in white. She wears the gear of a player as well as a pressed shirt and tie. Where the logos of the houses would be on the student's robes, she has a logo that combines all four houses into one. Around her neck is a boatman's whistle that catches the light when she moves about.


Rolanda Hooch graduated from Hogwarts shortly before the end of the Great War. She has since returned to the school, now serving as the First Year Flying Instructor, as well as Quidditch Coach and Referee.

Madam Hooch has a passion for flying, and thrills at the euphoria her students experience the first time they lift off on their brooms. She has a certain youthful exuberance, and great compassion for the children, but is also known to be somewhat strict, as safety is her number one concern.

RP Hooks

  • Quidditch Coach: Madam Hooch teaches Flying classes, coaches the Quidditch teams, referees Quidditch matches, and mentors the Broom Club at Hogwarts. She's a very busy woman, and takes an active interest in the athletic development and physical health of all Hogwarts students.
  • Former Hufflepuff Head of House: Following the resignation of Professor Herbert Beery in January 1940, Madame Hooch temporarily was the Hufflepuff Head of House until Professor Starkey joined the faculty and took the position.


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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Idol: Jocunda Sykes
  • Neutral



Jocunda may not know it, but Madam Hooch holds her in high esteem for showing the world what a witch can do on a broom.


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