This character is retired, and is no longer in play. He vanished mysteriously doing something for the Ministry.

Character Information
Portrayed by Simon MacCorkindale
Name: Hugh Carruthers
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jan 18
Position: M.L.E
Lineage: Half-blood


A young man of above average height- perhaps six feet in total, and maybe twenty five, give or take, the primary feature which sticks in peoples mind is the moustache. Unusual on anyone, this is impressive in from, dark brown, like the mop of untidy hair, and long enough to droop slightly over each corner of his mouth, giving a slightly hangdog expression. This is belied by the twinkle in the blue eyes, betokening a lively intelligence. When reading, he loops gold wire rimmed spectacles on his ears, but the rest of the time, he goes without, and it's clear his eyesight is generally good enough.

To round off our survey, let it only be said that his skin is agreeably tanned by sun or wind, and he wears, when about London, a neat suit and tie, but with the suit cut in a tweed fabric more suited to the Country than the City.


Born: Hugh Carruthers, Jan 18th 1912, Plymouth, Devon, England. His mother was Glenda Prewett, eldest of the Prewett girls. After school she 'took the grand tour'-( running away from the prospect of an arranged marriage), and whilst doing so she fell in with one of the last schooners in the British Merchant Marine, making the run to South America. She took a post as cabin 'boy' to work her way south, but her secret was discovered in mid Atlantic by the captain-owner, Arthur Carruthers. They became lovers, but her tour was interrupted by her discovery of her pregnancy, whilst in Argentina. Travelling back to England, she was able to lie low, then dumped the child with Carruther's mother, in Plymouth, and resumed her travels, becoming quite the Gentlewoman explorer. She returned to England on a semi regular basis, but never acknowledged her child. Carruthers eventually married, and his wife (Sarah) and he brought up Hugh, alongside their own four (Edward, Lucy, Pauline, and Jack). Their father was often away, including during the war, but after that, the boys started travelling with him, to learn a bit about what was a family business. Given the nature of German settlements in Argentina, the boy picked up some decent German. Then at age 11, Hugh's invitation to Hogwart's arrived.

Hugh started at Hogwarts in 1923, sorted into Hufflepuff, and took electives in Muggle Studies and Divination. He did poorly in Astronomy, Herbology and the History of Magic, but his skills in Charms, Defense against the Dark Arts, Potions and Transfigation drew some admiration. He was a hard worker at school, but a little inclined to off the wall leaps of logic, often correct. He was one of Hufflepuff's prefects, and took those four subjects as NEWTs. He was generally viewed as a bit of an eccentric at Hogwarts, with an interest in Muggles, and being a half blood unable to name his lineage.

Hugh left Hogwarts in 1930, and entered Auror training. Again, his combination of eccentric approach, hard work, and efficiency raised eyebrows but also expectations. Once qualified, he was sent to spend a little time on the beat in London, and then was sent as part of the ambassadorial entourage to Berlin, ostensibly under the guidance of IMC, to learn from the techniques of the German Wizards, but in fact also to help 'keep an eye' on developments in this area. Still single, and still an occasional sailor of dinghys or yachts, he returned to England, early in 1939, to resume standard Auror work in London. He is curious, wry, witty, and a keen observer of events, if a touch eccentric both in habits and appearance- partly due to actually having had a foot in Muggle life. The identity of his mother is still a challenging mystery to him, despite his investigations, and one that nags at him.

RP Hooks

  • Hufflepuff? At School with Hugh? You may remember him.
  • Auror? If you're involved in Magical Law Enforcement, you may have met the eccentric with the 'tache.
  • Berlin? If you've spent time recently in the German capital, you may have encountered Hugh there.
  • Sailing? If you're a boat fan, you may have encountered Hugh. He used to sail on the Black Loch.


  • Visual Eidetic Memory
  • Well-to-do
  • Curious
  • Natural Linguist


Logs featuring Hugh Logs that refer to Hugh



My Aunt. Not that either of us know that


Glenda Prewett, Mother. Pureblood. She knows our relationship. I don't


Arthur Carruthers, Muggle. Father. Captain of the Schooner Cormorant. Officer in the Royal Navy Reserve.


A comrade from Berlin, cruelly cursed whilst I was on protection duty. Least I can do to try and find those responsible


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