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Character Information
Portrayed by Anthony Howell
Name: Ian Michael Pritchard
Aliases: Pritchy
Birthday: Apr 12, 1904
Position: Metropolitan Police
Lineage: Squib


Ian is tall, with a face that would be pleasant if he ever smiled, which he does rarely, and light brown hair, cut in the popular style with short back and sides. He has dark brows shading dark eyes over a straight and distinctive nose. Always clean-shaven, he always uses aftershave as well. He's dressed in a simple and classic brown three-piece suit, white shirt with collar, tie in a neat Windsor knot. On his feet are black shoes polished to a shine - not a military shine, but respectable enough. Over the suit is a black woollen coat, and perched on his head is a fedora that shows just the hint of a personality that isn't a conformist.


Ian Michael Pritchard is a squib. And let's face it, that's pretty much the limit of his definition in much of the wizarding world. But, despite the crushing disappointment of his wizard father (his mother died of Dragon Pox when he was young), he's been determined to make the best of himself and stand on his own two feet. As a child, he evaded the attentions of bullies by becoming a competent (although nothing outstanding) runner, swimmer and amateur boxer in addition to his academics. First he gained a scholarship at Manchester Grammar School for Boys, and on the basis of his academic record there he got into the University of Birmingham, reading Medieval History. Graduating with a respectable upper second, he discovered that there were precious few jobs going begging in his chosen subject field, so he had to hunt elsewhere for employment.

So he moved to London and joined the Metropolitan Police Force. With his academic background, a keen sense of investigative reasoning, an increasingly in-depth knowledge of police regulations and the infant science of forensics, he rose rapidly through the ranks to his current rank of Detective Inspector. This rise through the ranks hasn't escaped the notice of the few wizards in the wizarding world who pay attention to such things, and he has been singled out to be wizarding liaison. By which the wizards expect him to bring each and every item of wizarding interest in the muggle world to their attention, and they give him a patronising pat on the head each time. He's philosophic about this treatment, however, and takes each day as it comes.

Socially, he's reasonably introverted. Old-fashioned in a chivalrous way, fond of crafting intricate (and reasonably good) ship-in-bottle models and carving intricate (and not terribly good) wooden birds, he makes a comfortable existence with a two-up, two-down Victorian terrace just off the Mile End Road, not far from the Royal London Hospital.

RP Hooks

  • Handicrafts: Do you like to build things with your hands? What do you build?
  • Bobbie: Are you a criminal? Or a fellow member of law enforcement? Have you witnessed or been the victim of a crime?
  • Squib: Are you a fellow squib? A sympathizer? Or do you hate me simply for the crime of existing?


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  • Chivalrous
  • Honest
  • Blunt
  • Friends in low places
  • Wealth: Comfortable



Clarence Pritchard
Father, wizard.


Nellie Pritchard
Mother, deceased.


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