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Character Information
Portrayed by Dame Edna
Name: Idris Oakby
Aliases: Ide (eyed)
Birthday: February 17th, 1872
Position: Founder of the Society for the Support of Squibs
Lineage: Squib


The sheer force of personality reflects in the ready smiles and bright wide eyed expressions. Though not entirely comely, her silvery purple hair is left in a styled wave and down into soft curls at about chin length. Past her prime she bares a few wrinkles upon her brow and around her eyes. Makeup helps to liven the older appearance and red lips are painted starkly to contrast her pale skin. There is a singular mole upon the lower portion of her right cheek. The woman is of a portly make.

Flashy. That is what she is for she wears a far too out of style fitted dress that would outshine any other witch or wizard. Done with rhinestones on blue satin, the decorations are not only loud but might give the impression she is hosting some gala and years out of fashion. Her glasses are a flare themselves, nearly like a triple cat eye edge with swirls and rhinestones to match her head ache inducing attire.


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RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Comfortable


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