This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Portrayed by Sammi Hanratty
Name: Idrissa Skye Clayworth
Aliases: Rissa
Birthday: Sep 01, 1924
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-blood


Her age is perhaps a bit hard to tell, somewhere around 13 years. She has a slender form, somewhat one could call lanky, long armed and leg proving she may be tall once older and there is just the faint start of curves seen. Eyes are bright emerald green and hold a almost cat like curiosity to them at times, though depending on her mood the color can lighten or darken to some degree. Hair of light brown, a faint curl seen and it is shoulder length, often pulled back to keep out of her way.

Clothing depends on what she might be doing. She normally has on her black school robes, a Ravenclaw patch clearly seen upon it. Under this is a knit long sleeved shirt with a white collar, dark colored skirt and slip on shoes. When not in class her clothing can vary.


Many know the Clayworth name; it is a family of witches and wizards that has been around for some time now, and the family does have a good amount of money to go along with that name. Until recently known, it's been a family that has always been housed in Slytherin. Idrissa's mother broke this family tradition as it was and was sorted into Ravenclaw upon her first year at Hogwarts. This of course caused great outcry from the Clayworth family, and some even blamed Idrissa's grandparents. Given time. The family quieted down and Idrissa's mother proved she was an extraordinarily bright witch and exceeded at her classes. Her mother graduated school a very talented witch and went on to study magical animals. During this time she was out and away from family and thus started to make her own friends which, against her parents', wishes were muggles. She fell in love with a certain muggle, and while she would not marry him thanks to her family, they did attempt to have a good life, and she did everything in her power to keep him from the magical world. Though over time, she could only keep him from so much. When Idrissa was born, her father seemed to change. The once peaceful and happy man turned rather violent towards his family, and over time Idrissa's mother didn't have a choice and had to ask her parents for help.

Idrissa grew up a fairly quiet and shy child. With troubles at home she was often left to her own devices, which means her head was normally buried in a book, or she was perhaps off tromping through the forests, hills, and what have you in search of animals, magical or not, that she could possibly find. Thus she managed to bring home a good many to the little home located on the coast of Wales. With the problems with her parents she never lingered long, choosing to spend as much time at the little local bookstore, out exploring and when her mother did take trips to the wizarding world she followed along. While growing up life may not have always been easy, but her mother did provide plenty of lessons for Idrissa, most dealing with magical creatures, along with teaching her daughter how to train animals, both magical and normal.

At the age of seven, Idrissa's mother was given a rather harsh beating by Idrissa's father, and that night she vanished, taking Idrissa with her. Mother and daughter went back to live with the Clayworth family for a short time. Neither Idrissa nor her mother has any idea what happened to her father. Old family ways and pressures of how things 'should' be soon made them leave and Idrissa's mother did not want to raise her daughter to the same Clayworth family values. Idrissa and her mother were able to scratch out a life for themselves, her mother taking odd jobs.

Idrissa has an eagerness to learn anything and everything about spells, magical creatures, potions, charms, transfiguration, ancient runes and read just about any book she can get her hands on. The one thing that perhaps will make other kids give her a second glance and perhaps consider friendship is the natural talent when it comes to flying a broom. Her mother was on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, and her mother schooled her daughter well when it came to learning how to fly.

A new school year has arrived for Idrissa, and now that she is older and back off at school, her mother is able to take on a job more in her field to support the little family better. While her grandparents had hoped for some chance that Idrissa would be picked for Slytherin house (even with her being a half-blood) it was not to be, and the sorting hat put her in Ravenclaw, feeling this was the best place for the girl. This, for the past three years, has left her grandparents giving her no acknowledgment. Perhaps time will change these feelings among family, but Idrissa isn't expecting it. And so arrives a new year of school, new studies, new friends, and who knows what else she could possibly find. Hopefully all will go well!


Rissa's wand is 10 1/2 inch cherry wood wand with a phoenix feather center.


At the moment she has a owl, his name is Orion! More to come most likely.

RP Hooks

Most Slytherin know about the Clayworth family, there are some still in the house after all so they see there cousin as the 'outsider' and perhaps unworthy. So you a Slytherin that may be related to Idrissa and want to give her a hard time?

Animals! Idrissa is basicly a walking book about them, have a qustion? She is he one to ask, and most in the Ravenclaw house have figured this out now!

She is friendly, shy and quiet, which can be a good or bad depending on who is the one around, want someone to pick on, or want a friend? Then Idrissa is the one!


During winter break Idrissa had to leave Hogwarts due to a family emergency. Only the staff know why. Her mother whom is often out in the wilds studying wild magical animals has went missing. For the time Idrissa is staying with her mother's family, they have never been friendly to her thanks to her being a half blood, and now it's even harder with her mother missing. Because of this Idrissa has gotten rather quiet, more reserved and is often on her own as she deals with the troubles on her mind the only way she knows how which is on her own.

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  • Ambidextrous
  • Worrier
  • Animal Lover
  • Injury Prone
  • Wealth: Comfortable



A boy she has made friends with rather recently.


These two seem to run into one another often, even when not in school. His nice even if he is rather quiet, which Idrissa doesn't mind at atll. She hopes she'll get to know him more at some point. Not to bad looking either.


Uncle via her mother, and about the only family member from the Clayworth side that seems to care about her and Rissa's mother.


Kamila Leigh Clayworth
Idrissa's mother.


Quincy Sam Wallden
This is Idrissa's father, someone that she hasn't seen in years, and for all she and her mother knows he could be dead.


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