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Character Information
Portrayed by Gabriel Basso
Name: Ignatius Prewett
Aliases: Iggy, Ig
Birthday: January 9th, 1923
Position: R.C.M.C
Beast Division
Lineage: Pure-Blood, British


Ignatius is a young man with a slender frame and broadening shoulders. He keeps his russet brown hair at a short length and well groomed. What may be noticeable are his pale blue eyes, a sharp hue of color against dark eyelashes and low set eyebrows. He has a sharp jawline coming into place after shedding away the softness of a baby-faced youth. Over the past few years he has been improving his athleticism and it shows.

Ignatius has a taste for the gaudy when it comes to his clothing. He's always seen in bright colors, not always matching, and in the winter he has a big fur coat he is notorious about wearing. His favorite shoes are acid green dragonhide penny loafers. On his right hand he wears a large sapphire ring with a golden band and on his left wrist is a strangely demure watch.


Ignatius was a pleasant surprise to George Prewett and his wife Shannon nee Higgs. Being that Shannon was 48 when they were blessed with Ignatius. Of course the two siblings before him were rather far spread out between themselves. Ignatius was born in 1923, his older brother Coakley was born in 1910 and his eldest sister was born when Shannon was at the tail end of being 16 in 1890. As a youth Ignatius was always a playful child and joyful with a natural empathy over animals. He was particularly fascinated with magical creatures, ever curious about their natures, their origins and other mysteries surrounding them. So when it came time to attend Hogwarts Ignatius was all too eager to begin his studies.

House Gryffindor was where he belonged. Among his housemates Ignatius was known as a prankster of harmless fun. Always up for a good laugh and eager to try everything. At least once. Throughout his years at Hogwarts, it was no surprise to his friends, and family, that the young Ignatius began to flourish in his studies of Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration. Unfortunately other areas suffered, such as Potions and Arithmancy which he dropped out of by the end of the year. While he he proved to be a soft heart with animals and other creatures in his fifth year Ignatius' competitive nature flourished as a chaser in Quidditch once joining the house team at fifteen. He also became a member of the Broom and Duelling club as well.

At the age of fifteen, his family had involved Ignatius in the learning of the wizard world politics and the threat half bloods and muggles pose to them. At least in conversations he would seem to agree with the opinions of the purists although he's taken no action to support the cause. It is believed by his family that in time, and eventually maturing, Ignatius will join ranks and his impartial attitude towards the 'lesser' people is simply a phase. To show their loyalty, and perhaps a boost status, a betrothal was arranged between he and Lucretia Black. An arrangement that his mother believed would raise their status in the eyes of their peers. After graduating from Hogwarts Ignatius chose to become a member of the R.C.M.C. in the Beast Division so he could further pursue his enjoyment of caring for magical creatures.


Animal Lover All sorts of creatures fascinate Iggy. He holds a soft spot from the creepy crawlies to the majestically magnificent. It's no doubt this is where his passion lies on his road to eventually manage his own magical creature sanctuary.
Impish His personable skills are certainly in question. From teasing to taunting his pranks and jokes are hilarious to him. Probably not so admired by others.
Daredevil Never dare someone you do not want to actually follow through with it. Iggy is an adventure seeker and this trait will certainly lead him into some trouble.
Allergy: Onions Those disgusting thing. He'll keep far away from anything that remotely resembles an onion. If touched it leaves a red swollen mark on his skin as though he was burned by fire.
Wealth: Comfortable His parents hold the wealth. Ignatius has never really thought about how important it was.

RP Hooks

  • Pure-Blood: While he believes in keeping blood-lines pure, intending on marrying a pure-blood (Lucretia Black). He doesn't hold hostility towards those not of Pure-Blood lineage.
  • Harmless Prankster: Are you a co-conspirator? Or perhaps a hapless victim?
  • Quidditch: Everyone likes Quidditch. …right? Ignatius played Quidditch as a Chaser for the Gryffindor Team from 1938-1941. He was Team Captain: 1939-1941. He loves the sport and if the R.C.M.C. didn't pan out, Iggy was hopeful to join a Professional Quidditch Team.
  • R.C.M.C.: Ignatius is a low man on the totem pole in the Beast Division. He often gets assigned the more boring jobs. While Rangers more experienced get the real exciting cases.


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George Prewett
Father - Father and I get on great. Especially with the rising tensions concerning the mudbloods and their like. He's the only one I can to speak to about my thoughts on the matter. It's not like he's completely for the commingling of the two, wizards and muggles. They are just better left in their own world. Separate.


Shannon nee Higgs
Mother - I was a surprise to her. To all of them really when it was believed she could no longer have any children. I suppose that's why mum was always strict. Perfection. I figure she thought something was wrong with me and that's why she had always kept a close eye on my upbringing. Ever since she encouraged the marriage of Lucretia and I it's been a nightmare. Love her dearly but she's too nosy for her own good.


Eldest Sister: (b. November 27th, 1890) Pure-Blood. While mother isn't happy that Muriel has a deep curiosity about the muggle world Muriel remains quite proud and bold. Currently she teaches kids like me in France and doesn't discriminate against those with the magical ability. We're not as close as we could be but since her departure Muriel's name is spoken of less and less. Since her return from France she has been making quite the splash in her new job as a Professor at W.A.D.A.


Older Brother: (b. February 27th, 1910) Pure-Blood. Ignatius gets along better with Coakley than he does with Muriel, it's an age thing as far as Ignatius is concerned. Coakley became an actor and Ignatius intends to never miss a performance.


Cousin: (b. February 10th, 1911) Pure-Blood. Cousin Shelley Prewett used to be an Auror before she was injured and now she is a consultant for the Auror Office.


Betrothed: (b. July 24th, 1925) Pure-Blood. "The Blacks are an important family." I'm constantly reminded of that. I guess I should be proud or lucky. At least she seems like the most compassionate of her family. Ignatius counts his blessings that the betrothal was to Lucretia, and not her cousin, Walburga Black.


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