Character Information
Portrayed by Anthony Hopkins
Name: Isaac Scamander
Birthday: December 31st
Position: Chief of R.C.M.C.
Lineage: Half-Blood


World weary eyes of a vibrant blue and a slightly wonky nose lend this gent a rakish charisma, despite his often grim countenance. The side swept salt and pepper hair has a bit of a wave to it in its length. Crow's feet pull at the corners, presenting themselves as the most stark presence of age on the man's face. He has a clipped and groomed moustache and the short bunched nose makes his square shaped face all the more memorable. Though not particularly tall, Isaac Scamander more than makes up for a lack of stature with an overabundance of bearish presence; a man whose mere carriage and demeanor demand attention.

Not one for garish displays in his ensembles, the R.C.M.C. Chief favors a more practical wardrobe. Today, for example; a clean linen shirt paired with a dark vest. A set of slacks fall to a nice set of leather loafers. When cold he dons a thick peacoat trimmed in fur at sleeves and neck that falls finally to the back of his knees.



RP Hooks

  • Ministry Chief - Isaac Scamander is the Chief of the R.C.M.C.
  • Famous Son - It is not often that a Son casts the shadow of fame over the father, but that is the case with Isaac and his famous Magizoologist son, Newt Scamander.


Logs featuring Isaac Logs that refer to Isaac



Newt Scamander


Niece: Isaac's niece also works in the R.C.M.C. While she's unlikely to reach the celebrity status of Newt, she's a hard worker and Isaac knows she'll quietly fill any gaps she might notice in the department. Though, seeing her spending much of time in the Centaur Liaisons Office lately is a tad embarrassing.


Brother: Isaac's brother. Though there's the expected sibling rivalry between them, particularly when it comes to their children, the two brothers are both fond of and loyal to one another.


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