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Character Information
Portrayed by Bea Arthur
Name: Isla Hitchens nee Black
Birthday: May 13th, 1853
Position: Housewife
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Some women simply exude warmth and gentleness. Isla is not one of those women. No, the only thing she exudes, at first glance is an air of skeptical, derisive amusement in the high, pointed arch of narrow brows and the disposition toward snide words and a sharp tongue in the sneering curl of her scarlet-painted lips. Despite being in her twilight years, the little woman still carries herself with a waspish restrained energy, prim and and brisk, and her silvery hair is always neatly curled about her wizened features, emphasising the near-black of her alert eyes.

Her taste in clothing does nothing to soften her appearance, alas. A high-collared dress of pristine ebon falls demurely to the ankle, worn beneath a crisply edged robe of the exact same hue. A pair of low-heeled black pumps, adorned with rigidly buttoned grey suede spats, at least offer a click-clack warning of her approach.



  • Sarcastic
  • Snarky
  • Weath: Comfortable

RP Hooks

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Husband - Robert "Bob" Hitchens is the love of Isla's life, there was never any question in all their years about that. When she was seventeen her mother took her to a rally over labor some muggles were having as a display of just how 'uncivilized' and 'savage animals' they were. Surely enough the rally turned into a mob riot and unexpectedly separated Isla from Ella. She was being quickly convinced of Muggle Savagery as she was buffeted around and then cornered. Then like in some Fifi LaFolle novel in came Robert. He scooped her up like a princess, gave her a smile and whisked her away to safety. It was that smile, and that heroism that proved to Isla her family were wrong about the Muggles. She was a little banged up so he nursed her back to health and Isla never went back to Grimmauld Place. In fact, in nearly 70 yeas, she's barely left his side.


Cygnus Black I
Estranged Father - When Isla chose Robert over her family she was disowned. He died in 1851.


Ella Black nee Max
Estranged Mother - When Isla chose Robert over her family she was disowned. She died in 1870.


Sirius Black I
Eldest Brother - Her eldest brother was only 8 when he died in 1851, she was born two years later.


Phineas Nigellus Black
Estranged Older Brother - When Isla chose Robert over her family she was disowned and Phineas even more than her parents hated her for her treason. It was possibly because before she met Robert Phineas and her were very close. He died in 1925.


Estranged Older Sister - Elladora was mother's cherished little daughter. Ella never thought it necessary to drag Elladora down to some London Dock and force her to watch some violent affair. Unlike with Phineas where loved turned into hate, with Elladora it was more like pity for her little sister turned into just an absence of thought. Like her very existance was wiped from Elladora's mind. There was once in passing in London and Elladora gave her passing pleasantries as if she were any of the other strangers passing her by. Elladora passed away in 1931.


Isla's Children
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Isla's Grand Children
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