Found in Serenity
Portrayed by Summer Glau
Name: Isobel Gwenhwyfar Strudwick
Aliases: Bell, Gwen
Birthday: July 14, 1910
Position: Examiner, Wizarding Examination Authority, Ministry of Magic
Lineage: Muggle-born


With long, brown flowing locks, the lass's hair falls down past her shoulders. Her chestnut coloured eyes gaze out with a mixture of faint amusement and curiosity. Standing at 5'5", she is not tall, but neither is she short. She is often found wearing office attire in a dress form, with her hair done back in a ponytail when she's working. When she's off work, she tends to let her hair down, and she can quite often be seen walking about without shoes on.


English oak, pliable, 11 3/4", unicorn hair core




Isobel has an owl named Arthur. He is of the Small Owl breed of Britain. But he's got a lot of gumption.


Isobel has a second pet owl now as well. This owl is of the Spectacled Owl breed. His name is Myrddin.



Born July 14th, 1910 in the little village Colbost, in the Isle of Skye, Isobel’s father was a Scotsman of good repute, being the local innkeeper. Her mother, a Welsh lass, was a quiet women who often keept her own council as she offered maid service at the inn. When they had their daughter, they were elated, naming her first after his own mother and then after her grandmother. They did not know, however, what they were about to get themselves into.

As a child, she was a rather outdoors and rough-and-tumble sort, often seen wearing no shoes and getting in rows with neighbour boys. While she grew calmer the older she got, she always had a tough skin about her. Outside of her rough ways, her parents would occasionally notice strange things surrounding their daughter. Plants seemed to grow just a tad bit quicker at her coaxing; nearby inanimate objects would seemingly tremble when she was hurt or upset; occasionally items that she particularly disliked would disappear without a trace, never to be seen again. She would even appear near the tops of trees and buildings when nobody knew how she got there.

It wasn’t until she had turned eleven that all was made clear to herself and her parents. A person claiming to be a member of the ‘Muggle Liaison Office’ of the ‘Ministry of Magic’ came to pay them a visit. They explained that Isobel was, in fact, a witch. She had an innate magical ability that allowed her to cause things to happen, whether she had intended them to or not. They went on to explain that her name was written down to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a quite prestigious school which served the British Isles.

They were given directions as to how they might get to Diagon Alley, in which they could purchase all the supplies which Isobel would need for school; they were additionally informed how she would get to the train station and platform to catch the train to school. It was all very overwhelming for the family, to say the very least!

Isobel was sorted into Hufflepuff, and went on to succeed in a number of subjects, with Transfiguration being topmost amongst those subjects. She found herself playing on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team in her third year, as one of the Beaters. When it came time to choose careers, and thus the courses she would have to take, she had one career in mind: To become an auror. It certainly wasn’t easy, but she got the OWLs, and then NEWTs, required by the Auror office.

It was then that the true test of her character came about. She past the initial testing and began training. Everything seemed to be going well, until she reached the half way mark, that is. The stress began to have an effect on her. She had not noticed it, not fully, until she had to do training at night in a graveyard. With graveyards being the one place she was afraid of in the most extreme, she did not last the night and fled to her home. After a good, long evaluation, which determined that she was not fit to become an auror after all, she was bid adieu and was quite quickly shunted from training.

After a few long weeks of puttering about, trying to figure out what to do with herself, she resolved to apply for work elsewhere until she figured out what else she wanted to do with her life, knowing that it would be extremely difficult to apply to become an auror once more. She eventually got a job in the Magical Law Enforcement office as a secretary. She ensured that the proper forms were filled out and that all the paperwork was done efficiently and in proper order.

After five years of this, however, she grew quite bored of the tedious work and began searching for other jobs. She was lucky enough to find, and then receive, a job in the Wizarding Examinations Authority. She found it interesting to be one of the people who tested others, and has been there ever since.


-Afraid of Cemeteries
-Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

-Works for the Ministry
-Lives in Hogsmeade
-Speaks Gaelic!
-She's a bit of a Quidditch fan, RP Quidditch related stuff with her!


Logs featuring Isobel Logs that refer to Isobel



Ewan Fergus Strudwick
Father - Oh, my father, my father dear! He is a good man with a good heart. He can be as stern as a boot if he needs ta be, bu' he always has the best o' intentions! Aye, tha' he does.


Rhianon Cerridwen Strudwick nee Rhydderch
Mother - She is a woman of verse, for sure. She loves old stories, old myths, old tales. She instilled in me a love for them as well. I'd never wish upon myself another mother.


Billy McTavish
Oh! That boy! He and I got into a fair bit o' trouble o'er our childhood years. I do adore him so. And had I not gone away ta Hogwarts and spent so much time apart, who knows what would have happened! Though we still remain friends.


A lass of curiosity, that one! I first met her durin' her NEWT level exams at Hogwarts. Tha' was certainly a curious practical Transfiguration exam if I ever saw one! It was in my absolute earliest years as an examiner as well. She has turned into a lovely young woman and auror. She's becoming friend, and I hope we remain friends for years to come!


She's a fun lass. Always full of energy, it seems. She's going places, she is, and it seems like she's taking the rest of us with her! I cannae wait to see what her future holds.


Perry is Madeline's uncle. I know him from the Ministry. Good man. Kind man. I enjoy his company quite a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to see more of him.


She's a fun one. Always great to be around if a lass wants to just let loose and have a good time. She has a serious side too, mind. I was really startin' to build a friendship with her when she left back to America. I hope that, one day, I'll get to see her again.


Brandy works form the Muggle Liaison Office. She oft informs muggle children, and their parents, of the witch or wizard in the family. Those kids are bound to end up with me examining them for their OWLs and NEWTs. She's a good lass, and we've bonded over our students and our love of fine alcohols.


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