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Character Information
Portrayed by Izzy Meikle-Small
Name: Ivy Lynne Winterbourne
Aliases: Ives
Birthday: November 1st, 1921
Position: Teacher's Assistant, WADA
Lineage: Half-blood


The first thing most people notice about this young woman is the pair of striking forget-me-not blue eyes, set beneath a pair of dark, delicately arched brows and framed by heavily fringed lashes. Equally dark is her hair, which accentuates the fairness of her skin, and falls to just below her shoulders in waves when left loose, the ends far lighter, suggesting perhaps some sort of style experiment in the not too distant past. The rest of her features are equally delicate: a straight nose, high cheekbones, and slightly full rosy lips. At an average height of five feet and four inches, her figure is slender, with a hint of modest curves. All in all, she still looks awfully young for her years.

During work hours, Ivy wears fairly casual attire. Today's choice is a fisherman jumper of vibrant teal - it brings out her eyes, of course - with the sleeves rolled up in a 'prepared' manner, and a pair of comfortable, tan tweed slacks over her low-heeled shoes. Practical but stylish seems to be the order of the day, with her hair braided neatly over one shoulder.


Nigel Winterbourne, a Muggle-born wizard from a family of jewelers, never expected when he was hired on to work in the International Magical Trading Standards Body that he would meet his soulmate in a desolate shack on the outskirts of Moscow. Under the shadow of war, in mortal peril, he called in what few favors he'd managed to collect in order to secure the paperwork for Ingrid Salko (herself a Muggle-born witch) to evacuate Russia, and helped her settle in England. Six months later, he married her, and the pair opened a bookshop in Surrey, to the south of London. Ingrid handled much of the day-to-day work, as Nigel's position required frequent travel to assess and report on the status of the world's economies, but they saw each other often enough for a daughter to come along a few years after they were wed. Ivy was a welcome addition to the family, a bright and precocious child who spent much of her time — once she'd learned to walk, anyway — with the other children in the neighborhood, unaware of the differences between them (nearly all of them were Muggles). The rest of her time was spent conversing with her mother in Ingrid's native language, or reading one of the many books available in the shop.

At Hogwarts, Ivy was certain that she'd be sorted into Gryffindor, for her sense of adventure, or Slytherin, for her scheming. She was rather shocked when the hat chose Ravenclaw, but she didn't let that slow her down any. It was two weeks into the school year before anyone she spoke to figured out that she wasn't a lost heiress to the Russian throne, or secretly descended from Merlin himself. Needless to say, several of her classmates were less than thrilled to have been lied to, and she managed to go for nearly a year without telling another falsehood after realizing the damage such stories could do. In an effort to make amends, she paid close attention to her studies, particularly Transfiguration which she seemed to have a knack for. She also joined the Dueling Club, and while she was never anywhere near as good a duelist as some of the other students in her year, she was fairly capable with combat magic. Electives in Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies were passed suitably, though in the end she would take her NEWTs in Charms and Transfiguration, attaining 'O' grades in both. Quidditch held little interest for her, but she would go to the games whenever Ravenclaw played, to support her housemates.

That penchant for making things up, thanks to the Arts Club, developed as she matured into a flair for acting. Determined to find a way into the prestigious WADA after graduating as a Seventh Year, and facing the realisation that her parents would never be able to afford the fees, Ivy instead applied to become an aide to the drama instructor; her incredible knack for mimicry and accents tipping the scale in her favour. While it's not exactly the path she had intended, she still dreams of becoming an actress, one day.


Little White Lies Ivy still has a habit of embellishing the truth, and occasionally making things up altogether.
Vocal Mimic Ivy can mimic any accent or speech pattern that she's heard, and frequently shifts through a variety of regional accents even in the course of a single conversation.
Wealth: Well-To-Do Her job ensures Ivy has a relatively comfortable lifestyle.

RP Hooks

  • WADA: Ivy is an aide to Professor Beery at WADA.
  • Dialect Coach: She occasionally makes a little money on the side with elocution lessons.
  • Arts Club: An Arts Club alumnus, she still takes keen interest and occasionally teaches guest classes at Hogwarts.

Class of 1939

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Mother: (b. ) Muggle-Born. Ivy's mother is the primary parental influence, and the reason she's fluent in Russian.


Nigel Winterbourne
Father: (b. ) Muggle-Born. Ivy's father works in the IMC in the trade division.


Old School Friend: (b. Dec 13 1921) Half-Blood.






Pest: (b. June 4th, 1922) Half-Blood. Rakish and flagrant. Absolutely no regard for social and lawful norms.

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