This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Cameron Bright
Name: Jackson Jacob Potter, Junior
Aliases: Jack
Birthday: May 27, 1922
Lineage: Pure-blood


This young man stands about five feet and nine inches tall. He is thin of build, still seeming to be growing into his full form. He seems to be in his mid-teens by his youthful features. His head consists of a messy crop of hair ranging from brown towards his crown which lightens just slightly towards the tips. He has green eyes and a slightly largish nose.

He wears a pair of black trousers, a little bit on the unfitted side. Above that is an arrow-collared white button down shirt. He wears a neck-tie in the colors of scarlet and gold, the house colors of Gryffindor. Currently, the shirt is only half tucked into the trousers, unbuttoned at the top button. The tie is pulled loose to accommodate the spreading of the collar. The outfit is capped off by a pair of shined shoes, recently polished, but more recently dirtied.


Jackson Jacob Potter, Jnr was born inauspiciously in the wee morning hours of 27 May, 1922. Born to a Wizarding family, he is the only child of Jackson Jacob Potter, Snr and Venusia Goyle. The elder Potter worked since graduating Hogwarts in the Magical Maintenance Department, after falling through on several of his N.E.W.T.s. His mother was a patent clerk working in the Ludicrous Patents Office of the Department of Magical Games and Sports. The two met when he went to her office to put a wooden desk that had gone feral back in to place. They fell in love, got married and did what consenting adults do, bringing Jackson "Jack" Jacob Potter, Junior into the world.

Jack's family settled in Upper Flagley, a wizard village settled among Muggles in Yorkshire. He was educated in the usual Wizarding way, being taught reading, writing and maths at home until he entered the formal instruction of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His home life up until that point was alright, never feeling as if he lacked for anything in his life until the later half of his first decade of life, when other children began to notice that Jack didn't have many of the same things that they did. He had a good set of parents, an aunt who took care of him and his cousin while his parents were out working, and a lack of brothers and sisters to eat his food.

There was more than the usual level of excitement, and trepidation, to Jack receiving his acceptance letter to Hogwarts. It would be the first time that Jack had left home for any length of time, as his family never took holidays. Early September came, and his family dropped him off at the gates of Hogwarts itself, just in time to settle his things and attend the feast. His name was called and he was summarily sorted into Gryffindor, odd since he figured himself a sure bet for Hufflepuff.

His first year carried him along well enough. He kept up with his school work, made some friends and created some enemies. His used books, last years robes, and cut-rate school supplies got him all the attention such things usually bring, and transformed the young Jack into something nobody ever thought he could be: Insular. He did his best from then on out to avoid really communicating with anyone in his year, even so far as to avoid members of his own House.

The summer break couldn't come quickly enough, and a tragedy in his family coincided with it. His dear Grandmother on his mother's side passed away younger than to be expected. While his parents grieved, Jackson was sent to spend time with friends of his family, who charitably offered to take on a holiday to Egypt to see at least a few wonders of the ancient world. In that trip, he met a Muggle treasure hunter who planned a delve into the depths of the tomb of the 18th Dynasty pharaoh, King Tutankhamun. The treasure seeker asserted there was a second chamber of riches to be had been missed by the Muggles Howard Carter and Earl George Herbert on their first cataloging of the tomb, but he needed someone much smaller than himself. Jack volunteered.

Secreting off in the middle of the night, Jackson met up with the treasure hunter and entered the tomb of the pharaoh. They proceeded up the stairs and through the first passageway, getting a brief explanation of the meaning of the symbols inside the corridor. They entered an antechamber after that, still musky from being closed up, and then moved into the burial chamber itself. The entrance to the secret chamber was under the stand where the sarcophagus was to sit, had it not been disturbed by the British archaeologists. They found the opening after pushing the stone slightly aside, and Jackson shimmied in. As he landed, he felt a stone beneath him move and the rock above close back over the entrance.

Continuing by wand light a few steps into the tomb, Jackson only narrowly avoided a trap designed to pierce him with what he could only assume to be a poisoned arrow. The tomb builders had taken great lengths in protecting this section of the tomb. He continued as far as he could, avoiding traps by speed and rudimentary wand-work until he came to the next door. Unable to open it, he turned back, found the pressure plate and shimmied back up.

Well, dear readers, the treasure hunter was gone. Scarred he lured a twelve year old to his death, or hauled off to meet his own death, Jackson never quite heard from him again. What did occur though, is an interest in Egyptology, archaeology and treasure hunting in general. Especially the treasure hunting aspect of the endeavor appealed to the economically disadvantaged boy. He began studying every aspect he could on the endeavor, history, magical history, ancient runes, ancient languages! Many thought he turned into a Ravenclaw over the summer vacation. This brush with death also brought a renewed vigor to the once insular young man. He was unafraid to respond to the taunts he received from school mates, even going as far as seeking vengeance in irritating yet harmless ways.

Over the next three years, Jackson as a personality grew by leaps and bounds. He became something of a rakish prankster at the school. He continued to improve at the studies he expressed an interest in, even managing to stay awake during Professor Binns' History of Magic classes. When his grandmother passed away, it left his mother and father a sum of money. Part of the money was to help send Jackson abroad during his summer breaks. He has vacationed in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Greece, navigating his way through old and treacherous sites of history. By his fifth year at Hogwarts, Jackson had learned to speak three languages, has a good handle on his classes, and has become one of the more experts of his year on Muggle History.

RP Hooks

  • Gryffindor House, Class of 1940
  • Doesn't subscribe to Purist views. Everyone is to be made fun of EQUALLY!


Logs featuring Jackson Logs that refer to Jackson


  • Wealth: Poor
  • Prodigiously Foul Mouthed
  • Trouble Finder
  • Scoundrel
  • Audacious


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