This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Janette has been placed in St. Mungo's Long-Term Residence Ward. Case: Janette Abbott.

Character Information
Portrayed by Nastya Kumarova
Name: Janette Abbott
Aliases: Snowflake
Birthday: December 21, 1921
Position: St. Mungo's Permanent Resident
Lineage: Pure-blood


10 1/2 in. inches, Willow, Solid, with a Unicorn Hair core.


This owl was a gift from her father, Bernard even before Janette started to go to Hogwarts.


This albino girl has snow-white hair and her skin can easily remind these fluffy clouds in the sky on bright day. Even Janette's eyes are white. Well, almost white — more grey. Even her lips do not have that usual redness. She is very small girl — just 162 cm height and she is very slim. Even if the girl is so pale, she loves wearing white clothes, when she was not in Hogwarts uniform. Especially she loves many kinds of spruced dresses.


Janette Abbott was born on a cold winter night while the wind howled and the snow swirled in the inky blackness. She was born to be one of those snowflakes that danced in the light of the lamp just on the other side of the glass. Pale and delicate, everyone doted on this ethereal creature, this frail child with skin and hair the color of the moon. Cherished by her parents Bernard Abbott and Othelia nee Abbott and her older by two years brother, Gordon Abbott. Growing up she was in a good relationship with everyone, everyone that is but Othelia's little sister, Lavignia, making her Aunt Lavignia to Janette. Though Janette never met the woman because she was ostracized from their branch of the family for marrying a Muggle without gaining a blessing. Othelia was a purist and her sister now disgusted her and there was no way that she would subject her children to such a degrading thing. Janette's family remained close with all the other Abbott's but Othelia would never take her children around Lavignia again. This is what no doubt saved her mother's life, and Janette, Gordon and Bernards no doubt as it was when Lavignia was meeting with Janette's maternal grandparents, Montgomery and his wife, Laviosia nee Brown and the youngset of the Abbott children, their son and Janette's favorite uncle, Jerome, on a snowy night in December of 1935 that they were all killed in a house fire. Ending the House of Abbott forever. Blame for the whole entire thing landed solely at the muggle she married, Kenneth Benton's feet and Othelia hated him even more so than before for it. This hatred spread to Janette who nursed anger toward not just the single Muggle, but muggles as whole.

Being from both the Abbott and Brown bloodlines, most of Janette's family went to Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff, but when the sorting hat came sat upon her father Bernard's head, it chose to put him in Slytherin. He chose a wife from amid his year and housemates, and when the time came, Janette was selected to wear the black and green of Slytherin as well. Her brother, Gordon however was sorted into Hufflepuff. Like a ghost, the pale girl chose to remain in the shadows, observing and listening. It's not that she did not wish to make friends, she never did push those who wished to interact with her away, but her aversion to the sunlight made it difficult for the others to interact with her. While in school she spent a great deal of time concentrating on her studies and writing poetry. She began to develop a honeyed tongue, learned to coyly avert her eyes when speaking with the boys in her class. Over the years she earned an aura of mystique, genteel in nature with a passion for perfection in her appearance. She also developed an obstinate streak, a stubbornness that defied logic at times. As a teenager, her alabaster beauty became more and more apparent with every passing year.

Creature lore, potions, broomflying, apparition, dark defense, herbology - these are the studies that she undertook while at Hogwarts. Her grades in the classes varied upon how much the class interested her, though the one she excelled in was Potions. Her desire for all knowledge in this particular craft bordered on obsessive, each recipe noted and categorized for use in the future. Conversely, her least favorite was flying a broomstick. It took her out in the daylight, into the bright sunshine that she so despises, hurting her sensitive eyes and offering opportunity to burn her milk white skin. Flying was just a class that had to be endured to graduate.


  • Albino
  • Genteel
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Obstinate
  • Wealth: Well-to-Do

RP Hooks

  • Sacred 28 - her family is one of the sacred 28.
  • Slytherin House, Class of 1940
  • Electives: Care of Magical Creatures and Study of Ancient Runes
  • NEWT Classes: Potions and Charms


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Montgomery Abbott
Maternal Grandfather - Deceased. Died on December 1935 in a house fire during a meeting with his estranged daughter, Lavignia. He was a purist and did not approve of his daughter going behind his back and marrying a Muggle, Kenneth Benton.


Laviosia Abbott nee Brown
Maternal Grandmother - Deceased. Died on December 1935 in a house fire during a meeting with his estranged daughter, Lavignia.


Jerome Abbott
Uncle - Deceased. Died on December 1935 in a house fire during a meeting with his estranged sister, Lavignia. Jerome was there as heir of House Abbott. Jerome was one of Janette's most favorite family members. She entirely blames Kenneth for his death. If it weren't for him, there would have never been any sort of estrangement to begin with and her uncle and grandparents would still be alive.


Mother - the most beautiful woman in the whole world. She is so elegant, so clever, she is like a Queen. I love her with all my heart.


Father - I adore my father. He is the most perfect man in the whole world. He is a real gentleman and he is incredibly clever. My father is just perfect and his word is everything for me. I love my father with all my heart.


Brother - my only brother. Even if we had some fights, when we were young, I can'timagine my life without him. He is my best friend. I tell him everything,and I willcontinue doing it, because he always offers me best advices and he always protects me. I love him with all my heart. Sadly, he is notin Hogwarts anymore, as sadly, he was notin Slytherin.

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