Character Information
Portrayed by Richard Wilson
Name: Jayne Thurkell
Aliases: Jay
Birthday: March 20th, 1871
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Lineage: Pure-Blood


A tall man, Jayne Thurkell stands head and shoulders above the rest. His face is long and full of the lines and creases of age. Long, gray hair falls around his shoulders with only a slight wave to the thin strands. His dark eyes are lidded and his skin the light brown of one getting on in his years. His lips are thin, almost inexistent, and perpetually turned down in a disapproving frown. Long fingers are swollen at the knuckles with arthritis.

Jayne is one to always dress conservatively, in shirts of brown or black hues and very little in the way of embellishment. His pants are crisp and neatly pressed, never showing any sign or wear or misuse. Neatly shined shoes grace his feet, polished so well one can see their reflection in them. Over his clothes he wears a set of black robes with no decoration.



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RP Hooks

  • Family Patriarch: Jayne is considered the head of the Thurkell Family
  • Hook 2, etc.


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