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Famous Flyer
Portrayed by Reese Witherspoon
Name: Jocunda Roxanne Sykes
Aliases: Jo
Birthday: April 19, 1915
Position: Chaser
Lineage: Pure-blood


With a lithe and lightly muscular form, Jocunda strikes a cutting figure. Her build is one of someone aiming for dexterity and speed; not so much strength. While often bearing a healthy glow upon cheeks and arms of sunlight, her skin is overall fairly pale - reminiscent of cream. Her features are a blend of long and square. Aquiline nose balances out a squared chin, with high cheekbones beneath large eyes of a green-blue color. Her hair is a blend of blonde and auburn, leaning towards more reddish hues. Kept mid-length, it holds some waves to it when left loose. Laugh lines edge her features, bow lips lending to an easy smile. She is of an average height with soft, gentle curves.

Though it may be taboo in some circles for a woman to wear trousers, Jocunda does not flinch away from going against the societal norm. Her slacks are black and well-fitting, though not too snug as to be revealing. They tuck into a pair of worn, but quality riding boots. Her blouse is much more feminine; a mid-toned green in satin, it tucks into her belted trousers, but billows somewhat over the waistline. Her hair is tied back in a neat braid, secured with a green ribbon.

Though not always actively worn, Jocunda near always has her flight gear available. Her flight jacket is a warm, chocolate brown leather: well-loved, well-worn, but in fantastic shape. Gloves may be tucked into belt and goggles pressed up onto head, but they are there.

The Sykes Family

An old and proud family, the Sykes still tout their coat of arms like ones preparing to step out onto a medieval battlefield. They have earned this right as they've a number of accomplished witches and wizards born to the family over the years. Researchers, healers, high-ranking ministry officials, and more. Thus when Arlo and Perdita Sykes nee Selwyn bore five children, it was expected that each one would be amazing and live up to the family name.

"The purest wizarding blood courses through your veins. Mediocrity simply doesn't exist in our family."

This became their dogma. The family motto. Arlo backed it up, enforcing the philosophy with militaristic upbringing of his children. They were subjected to intense study and discipline from the time they would walk and walk, their education beginning long before they ever set foor within Hogwarts. Lessons with their governness every morning were followed by sports and similar productive, recreational activities in the afternoon. After dinner, they played games to keep their mind sharp or practiced oration to their parents.

For a Sykes child, every minute of every day was never wasted. They would never stop improving themselves.


Jocunda Roxanne Sykes is the second eldest of Arlo and Perdita's brood. Xavier, the eldest, Ria and Kaiden, the twins came after Jocunda and then youngest in the brood is Garrett. Born on a cold Spring night, they bestowed upon her a name that while unpleasant to the ears (for some- including her as she got older), had a joy and strength to it. It spoke of the optimism her parents had for her greatness… and they would not be wrong. It did, however, take some time for her true (in Sykes fashion) talents to reveal themselves.

At Hogwarts she was sorted into Slytherin. Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy were the electives she chose to take Third Year. But even those she dropped like hot rocks after O.W.L.s so that she could take Charms and Transfigurations for N.E.W.T.s allowing her to focus on the one thing she found she was truly passionate about, Quidditch. Her first year, broom flying had quickly become her favorite class. She had a natural knack for it and received the best broom of the season for Christmas. There was a brief period of punishment and loss of points when she tried to keep it at school early in the year, but she relented finally when her family threatened to return it. It was used as a bribe: she would be allowed time to practice flying, provided she worked at her other lessons instead. By the start of her second year, she was highly skilled.

Out of school, she landed herself a job in the Department of Magical Transportation within the Ministry. She chafed, however, finding the job was not what she was expecting. Paper pushing at its finest. In 1935 with work and family leaning in, she grabbed up her Oakshaft 79 and proclaimed that she was going to be training for a Broom flight that would singularly take her across the Atlantic Ocean. There was misgivings and nay-sayers, but she proved them wrong. She made the flight in late summer, during the lull in seasons before harsher weather began. It was a small reception that saw her off, many expecting the 20-year-old witch to give up before long. However, as word of her attempt spread, more people gathered at her intended destination across the Atlantic.

Word spread of her success and when she returned to London, it was to great fanfare. She did not fly back, having rather exhausted herself and experienced mild maladies from the flight (hypothermia, wind burn, etc). The time in North America recovering was enough to allow the UK time to receive her back to humongous fanfare. She returned to fame: interviews, speaking engagements, and quite a number of suitors. She stayed on at the ministry for a few more years but an old friend, Linc Palancher came into her life again and he talked her into being a Chaser for the Appleby Arrows. Finally she has a career and life she loves.


  • Famous: Jocunda is renowned for her daring broomflight over the Atlantic Ocean, as well as her success as a professional Quidditch player.
  • Independent: She goes her own way, bucking tradition and expectations.
  • Fearless: Bold, adventurous, and sometimes too brave for her own good.
  • Apolitical: Jocunda has learned that she has no mind for politics, and stays the heck out of the topic.
  • Wealth: Rich: Her family is very wealthy, and she makes a sizable income on her own through her Quidditch career and endorsement deals.

RP Hooks

  • Celebrity: The first (and so far only) witch or wizard to cross the Atlantic on a broom.
  • Broom Expert: If it's broom or Quidditch related, Jocunda is your girl.
  • Socialite: If it's a party, she's interested.


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Jocunda's older brother, she always looked up to him as a kid and wanted to tag along to everything he did.


They are sisters, truly. There's always been that level of rivalry, but Jocunda does love her younger sister dearly. She feels Ria is the only one who understands certain aspects of her beliefs on wizarding politics.


Kaiden went Hufflepuff. It's an affront to Jocunda's sensibilities at times. She teases him mercilessly for it, unable to really handle what it may mean for the family down the road. She loves him and he is a true Sykes at times, but other times…


Eight years younger than her, Jocunda still has no idea what to do with Garrett. He's young enough that they never had much in common and by the time he began at Hogwarts, she was done. He's a Gryffindor, so likely she feels even more uneasy about him than she does Kaiden.


The uncle that she barely knew. As a child, it was always charming those times she got to see her Ambassador uncle. She's known as time passes that Ria is his favorite, but she also knows that she surely ranks up there as well. Learning that he feels much the same on certain aspects of politics as she does has warmed her to him even more.


Partner In Crime - Kat and Jo were best friends at Hogwarts, although careers took them in different directions. Not so long ago, Jo moved in with her cousin and out of the family home. The two are much closer now, and causing all kinds of havoc together.

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