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Character Information
Portrayed by Isabella Acres
Name: Jolie LaFolle
Aliases: Jolly
Birthday: Mar 23
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-blood


Jolly for a reason, Lafolle's innate cheer reflects in open and easy going nature. Her round face is buried under the weight of long golden curls falling freely down to her back. Hazel eyes are fringed with light brown lashes and often scan her surroundings reflecting curiosity. Her nose is small and her chin pronounced. Thin lips frequently are turned into a welcoming smile.

Petite, she stands at about five foot tall. Her slim body is enveloped by the generous fabric of a long black robe decorated with the emblem of her house (Ravenclaw). She's often tilted slightly to one side, pulled by the weight of a sturdy satchel. Sturdy shoes are shiny black patent leather.


Jolie (Jolly) LaFolle was born on March 23, 1926. Not on the planned 21st when her mother, Fifi LaFolle the AUTHOR, had made arrangements. Fifi had consulted a diviner. Two days late to her own party and for that Jolie has been *cursed* (according to that same Romance book writing Witch, Fifi LaFolle), yes *CURSED*. To be colicky, late and clumsy. There are worse fates. A cheerful child, Jolly adores her mother and will loyally defend the integrity of her book writing. She prefers her own journals where she is detailing the adventures of a brilliant and charming young witch who solves mysteries. And she loves a good mystery novel.

Jolie's father was the little seen, but fabulously rich and smugly handsome Muggle that inspired her mother's first book: "The Muggle's Wife". She knows enough about Henry Charles Scuttle to know him by sight, sadly not very well at all!! But it does leave her terribly curious about anything Muggle. At times, Fifi has left her hungry for attention but never feeling unloved. From her mother, she has picked up a flare for drama. She would like to know her father but she doesn't feel cheated on role models, her mother is the perfect parent.

Jolie is a third year student at Hogwarts. A Ravenclaw who is taking electives: Ancient Runes, Arithomancy, and Muggle studies. Jolie is very strong student. If she is a bit of a know it all, she's cheerful and helpful when being corrective. However, she has had some problems in Herbology and Potions for two reasons: 1) she does not like to get her hands dirty and 2) she is naturally clumsy which requires an intense amount of concentration in trying to avoid disasters. While broom training was not fun, she managed it with only one trip to the infirmary and help from friends. She has an avid interest in all knowledge.

Whatever Jolie decides to do with her life, the biggest unwavering plan is that she will be a mystery writer!! In fact, she considers herself already well on track. She is an avid writer and keeps track of what is happening around her. She is naturally curious and a snoop. This, and her flare for the dramatic, causes her to believes she has leave to EMBELLISH. On any given day she may have a theory on a dozen little mysteries or conspiracies going on around her.



RP Hooks

  • Jolie is a clumsy. She tries very hard to have a plan for accidents but they can and do happen around her.
  • Curious, she tends to be a bit of a snoop. An avid writer, she's always spinning some bit of 'mystery' to explain the little snippets of information she might overhear.
  • Jolie has a flare for drama which comes out in many little ways. Currently, in joining the art club.
  • Jolie is cheerful! Jolly. Nothing seems to get her down for long. This leads her to have a very open and generous personality and grants her the ability to laugh off most of the little tragedies that do happen to her or around her.
  • Jolie is a Ravenclaw. She loves knowledge. She's happy to get involved in study groups. Extra projects. Or just help out.
  • Jolie has a new kitten, Agrippa. He's spirited, energetic and a possible source of trouble.


  • Curious: Jolly has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, driving her to read, listen, and observe and to actively spin mysteries that are worth solving.
  • Clumsy: Jolie tries to avoid disaster by planning around it, but is prone to stumble or fall when excited or rushing.
  • Wealth: Rich
  • Cheerful: Optimistic at core, she believes the best of people.
  • Flare for Drama: She has the soul of an artist and a lifetime of experience with her colorful, wonderful mother Fifi LaFolle. Like her optimism, it seems to be a part of her outlook on life.


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Fifi LaFolle. The Author! Most wonderful Mom! Fifi is Josie's role model. Perfectly affectionate and understanding, if a little prone to drama herself, Fifi has always made Jolie feel special, cherished, loved and adored.


Jolly loves a good embellishment…erm story. Erica is friendly and nice. Did I mention she can spin a good


Might.Have.Been.A.Disaster. Thanks for reeling me in, Ward.


Very adventurous. She had wards back when Jolie needed to be reeled in from her fishing might-have-been-a-


A fellow conspirator. Plus she has great taste in pets. Maddie helped Jolie decide on just the right pet and promised to help train him! Also, conspiracies!


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