Character Information
Portrayed by Willem Defoe
Name: Joseph Macnair
Aliases: Joe
Birthday: Jul 22 1880
Position: Owner of Macnair Manufacturing
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Slightly short, Joseph Macnair doesn't allow that to halt his domineering personality. His dark brown hair is streaked in places with gray and has been neatly combed back from his face. He has a large forehead and long features, with wide, brown eyes and ears that stick out just a bit too much. His mouth is thin and never seen turned up in a smile. He is more muscular in truth than first glance gives away, keeping himself toned and fit. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he walks with a slight limp on his left leg.

Joseph is always seen impeccably dressed in suits and robes. His shirt is pure white and crisply ironed. A long jacket resides over a well-fitting vest and knotted tie. His black, dragonhide shoes are well taken care of and don't show a scuff or scrape. Black robes hang on his shoulders, tied together neatly in front.


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  • Hen Pecked: Persephone
  • Tycoon Minded
  • Wealth: Opulent

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch: Even though he is the atypical Macnair, because of his wealth and status Joseph is considered the Head of the Macnair Family.
  • Need something made? Macnair Manufacturing will make it!


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Alister Macnair & Miranda Macnair nee Max
Parents - Alister is the reason for it all. He never turned back and he kept perservering until Macnair Manufacturing was a household name to every Witch and Wizard.


Wife -


Son and Heir -


Daughter-In-Law -


Tristan Macnair
Grandson - Zephyr's Heir with Clover. The Future!


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