Character Information
Portrayed by Steven D. Farmer
Name: Josiah Orpington
Aliases: Joe
Birthday: April 22nd, 1870
Position: Farmer & Orpington Family Patriarch
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Swarthy skin and a ruddy complexion immediately denote a life spent largely out of doors upon even a momentary glance toward this elder gent. That being said, the years have been relatively kind to Josiah, leaving his rugged features attractive still in advancing years. His hair, which lightly brushes his shoulders, remains a pale wheat blonde, as do his thick, expressive brows, and there's the telling presence of deep-set laughter lines about his mouth and eyes.

The farmer, unsurprisingly, favors practical, hard-wearing attire. Aside from a traditional brimmed and pointed hat, his attire includes namely shirts of black or grey and tough hide trousers suitable for his line of work. Unless the occasion calls for something 'fancy'.


Josiah was born on April 22nd, 1870, a damp Sping afternoon in the farmhouse of the Orpington Farm in Hogsmeade to Jameson Orpington and Willow Orpington nee Blishwick. Jameson was a Pure-Blood who worked the Orpington Farm for a living. Willow was a Pure-Blood who took to being a farmer's wife very well. They were hard-working salt of the earth loving parents to Josiah and childhood for him was centrally based on or around the family farm. Which meant that he was stronger than most wizarding children. Since the family was provided for by the farm and they sold enough for rather comfortable living. Willow took educating seriously and so Josiah and his siblings were very well educated before they went to Hogwarts. A few of his favorite hobbies growing up were of course based around farming such as botany and collecting bugs. The Orpington and Blishwick families are both supportive and caring, and Josiah's relationship with all of them is rather tight knit, particularly with the Orphington side.

When at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he made friends rather easily with his fellow students due to his down to earth and loyal nature. Josiah began at Hogwart in 1881 and was the class of 1888. Quidditch and Domestics Club were some of Josiah's extra-curriculars. Being sorted into Hufflepuff House was a proud moment for Josiah. Third Year was the year that Divination and Care of Magical Creatures were taken on along with the core classes. O.W.L.s in these classes were rather all average, passing them all without doing extremely well in any, only getting an E in Herbology. Josiah graduated after taking his O.W.L.s in 1886.


After graduating it was no surprise that he returned to the family farm and worked the earth to provide for his family and their community of Hogsmeade. Josiah had taken a fancy to Willow Blishwick his last year of Hogwarts and she took enough fancy back that they were married in 1890. To those who knew them, the birth of their first child, Alexander, was no real surprise nearly exactly nine months later. After Alexander's rather prompt arrival they decided to take their time with the next addition to their family and Owen was born in 1899. Josiah could tell by the time his boys were nearing the time to go to Hogwarts that neither of them were interested in living on the farm forever. Some fatherly advice from Jameson however had Josiah hopeful to find a farmer in their children. His fears about his sons came true and they both moved away to the City. Then the Grandchildren started to arrive and Josiah saw great potential in Demetrius, alas his heart was into Quidditch which was the reason he ended up in Germany's Black Forest on a full moon and made his grandson a werewolf. It breaks Josiah's heart that the one with greatest potential to become his heir and inherit the farm was cursed so. So much potential, gone in a simple snap of snarling jaws. But maybe Owen Jr. or even little Angela will prove to be the heir he hopes for.


  • Down-To-Earth
  • Secular Spiritualist
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch - Josiah is the head of the Orpington Family.
  • Farmer - Josiah is in charge of the Orpington Family Farm in Hogsmeade.
  • Carkitt Market - Josiah often can be found at this market in the Mysticked District selling fruits and vegetables he's harvested from his farm.
  • Hogsmeade Market - Josiah often can be found at this market in Hogsmeade Village selling fruits and vegetables he's harvested from his farm.


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Jameson Orpington
Father: (1850 - 1930) Pure-Blood.


Willow Orpington nee Blishwick
Mother: (1850 - 1937) Pure-Blood.


Alexander Orpington
Son: (b. 1890) Pure-Blood.


Claire Orpington nee Deloria
Daughter-In-Law: (b. 1890) Pure-Blood. Josiah's son, Alexander met Claire, an American Pure-Blooded Witch at a Quidditch World Cup. There was an instant connection and she came home to Scotland with him a month later. She is a wonderful young woman and is a great farmer. She and Alexander had one child together, a son Demetrius Orpington. He feels very sorry for her and Alexander both about what happened to Demetrius.


Grandson: (b. March 13th, 1913) Pure-Blood. Werewolf. Shame what happened to him. Josiah is glad that the Fawley Farm took Dem in after he retired from Quidditch. Much as Josiah would have liked to have his grandson back on the farm, it's too risky and it's better that he be under the care of the R.C.M.C. Ranger that runs the Fawley Farm now.


Owen Orpington Sr.
Son: (b. 1899) Pure-Blood. Josiah's not exactly very proud of his youngest son. Owen's got a bit of trouble with lasciviousness. He also struck out and never looked back when it came to the farm. They aren't very close, but Owen is still his son and love doesn't stop, even when weighed down with deep disappointment.


Cecilia Orpington nee Morgan
Daughter-In-Law: (b. 1914) Half-Blood. Josiah's youngest son was forced to marry Cecilia Morgan when she got 'in the way' and they have two children together. Her blood-line is considered long enough wizarding mixing with pure-bloods that their children are considered technical Pure-Bloods by social standards. Not that Josiah could give a hoot about lineage. Josiah knows how his son is and he does his best to make Cecilia feel welcomed to the family. He has given her and his grandchildren an open invite for them to stay at the farm for get-aways and holidays.


Owen Orpington Jr.
Grandson: (b. 1933) Pure-Blood.


Angela Orpington
Granddaughter: (b. 1936) Pure-Blood.


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