(1938-11-18) Sunny's Favorites
Details for A Few of my Favorite things
Summary: List of Sunny's favorite things.
Date: November 18th 1938

So some silly questionnaire in Witch Weekly has many of the girls all a twitter about it, I'm not a twitter, but it is good conversation material for Gerald and I to get to know each other better, beyond just being excellent Partners in Potions.

Sunny's favorites:
name: Cosette
number: 5
saying: A watched cauldron never over boils.
movie: NOT Frankenstien. Thanks to Theodore forcing her to warch the movie last year she hates Muggle Cinema. "They talk at you. Not with you. What's the fun in that?"
song: Pep-Up Potion Can't Save You Now -
band: Musidora Barkwith (1520–1666) was a composer. Her unfinished work, the Wizarding Suite, featured an Exploding Tuba. It has been banned ever since a performance in 1902 blew the roof off of the Town Hall of Ackerley.
music genre: Classical
country: Britain - She's very patriotic.
state: Mississippi - It's fun to say and spell!
city: London - Born and raised in Diagon Alley.
color: White
dog: Maltese - Because they are tiny and cute and white - her fav color!
cat: Turkish Angora - White often with multi-colored eyes. Fluffy!
car: She hates cars!
hair product: The stuff he uses, it smells good.
perfume: She likes her honeysuckle perfume.
item of clothing: Her grandfather's old Slytherin scarf.
store: Parkinson's Potions on Diagon Alley of course! Her legacy.
food: Chicken Cordon Blue and Creme Brulee.
restraunt: Rosie's Cafe
magazine: Any potion interest magazine or catalog.
holiday: Winter Solstice.
season: Winter.
accent: His.
body part: His lips.
color of eyes: His.
color of hair: His.
color of skin: His.

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