(1938-11-27) Be Nice
Details for Be Nice
Summary: Schoolwork, working hard, and being nice.
Date: November 27, 1938

November 27, 1938

This year has kept me busy. I’ve been preparing for O.W.L.s and working on just my regular schoolwork, trying to work on my spell-casting. I’ve considered joining a club to help me, but I don’t think that’s the way. People who join those clubs are good at what they do. It’s more that I need to find a tutor. Yes. And Esther Lowe was very kind enough to try and help me. I feel like I wasted her time though; I never did cast the Evanesco so that it worked. At least, not while she was trying to help. I am proud to announce that I did end up succeeding though. It was Alphard Black who helped me succeed at it. He’s a really good teacher – and he can be a really good guy.

This war between sides has got to stop. People are hurting one another and they don’t even care. I wish I can just make them see, open their eyes and take away their anger and hatred. People have got to start accepting other people’s beliefs and stop trying to change them. Everyone is a person and everyone gets hurt, no matter which side they believe in. If we can just act respectful and kind to one another, not say mean things or antagonize, just be nice. That’s all.

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