(1938-11-27) Dull Events
Details for Dull Events
Summary: Scary in the library, boring older students, and how her cousin is a follower.
Date: November 27, 1938

What happened in the library!? There was this thing! And it was creepy! I thought it was going to hurt me! But there was this boy and he helped me. He was actually not one of those annoying boys – he was nice enough to come back for me.

Okay, well he wasn’t annoying. But he still took out those creepy crawly spiders! I hope I don’t walk into a situation like that again.

Oh, what is up with Vincent? He is just a typical, stupid boy. He has no will of his own, joining that Magiyuend Magijugend just because he thinks he should. He’s going to be bored. Most of the members are older, and you know what older students do? Nothing! They’re completely dull. Boooorrring. I don’t find it fun to suck up to the professors, so whatever. I’ll go have my own fun.

Oh! Well there’s one older student who is funny, and I like her! I heard her name mentioned as Beatrice. Beatrice Nott. Yea, I like her. Maybe if more of the older students were like her it wouldn’t be so boring.

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