(1938-12-06) My Plan (Esther)

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The Ambiguity Stops Here.

Alphard Black is my target. He is a mad dog, a creature that must be put down for the good of all. There is no compromise, no answer, no acceptable solution for him other than complete dominance. My research continues into what appears to be a short tempered, cruel and simple man. While he is incredibly able, he's easily baited and manipulated. His greatest strengths are his connections, and so in order to face him down I must make my position as strong.

I have some strength behind me. Some key assets. Not enough. But I realised the other day, while with Douglas, that the mad dog has the same fatal flaws that first disgusted me. He's not a 'real' man. And he's not used to sacrifice.

I am, Alphard. I am used to giving up and giving in. And if I have to make you think you've won - If I have to make you think I think you've won… Then I'll do it, to tear you down to your foundations. And you won't have the strength to bring yourself back up again.


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