(1938-12-12) The Queen's Dog (Esther)
Details for The Queen's Dog
Summary: Esther's Battleplans Change
Date: 1938-12-12
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What do you call a creature that uses size, strength and pack position to attack those smaller and weaker than it? The most loyal friend you will have, who will stick by your side, defend you 'til death, and attack your enemies. A /Dog/. Today, I met one of Alphard's handlers. The lesson cost me what little protection I was afforded by Medusa, but it made it apparent who controls the frothing beast that I call cousin. I see through you. And for the longest time I thought that if I emulated you, I could learn how best to defeat you.

I couldn't have been more wrong. But reducing myself to your level, I lost a part of myself. Peyton, I couldn't thank you enough for your words… You broke through every defence I had by telling me that I was just like him. And I was becoming just like him. And then I became… Just like the girl I used to be. Hiding. Afraid. If it wasn't for Jenny's timely intervention, I would have been lost.

Jenny… You make me think and feel at such a pace it frightens. You attacked my self-pity with an axe, and I could kiss you for it. I felt such peace in your arms, in your lap, like I'd woken from a deep sleep with a mug of hot cocoa. I envy your confidence, your forethought, how easy you make me feel. Jenny… You scare me.

My plans change. My pieces are all reset, to be moved into position once more. We play quietly for now. Bait our trap and wait.

Oh, and Alphard, you can take my wand. From my cold, dead hands.

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